Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Human curse

It’s just an attempt to know that whether there is something called human curse that is in force. Is curse something divine or human? When it is divine we say it is wrath of God and human its curse. Now the question is that human can only curse can’t
bless the other? We also believe in the blessings of our parents and grand parents that help us in our life journey. 

Because of my experiences and other people’s experience I am forced to believe that elements of human curse are existing. We need to pay the price for the mistakes that we have committed. If we have injected pain to an innocent soul deliberately, and the soul suffers a lot because of that, we have to suffer for it, because we fall in the receiving end as well. 

We have heard the person who is put into suffering in his or her agony telling to the person who injected pain and suffering that, if my love were to be true and I am innocent you need to repay for my tears and for my suffering and later when we examine the latter’s life he would have only difficulties and suffering in his life.      

When a person is 100% right and we have caused him or her any pain and the soul suffers, he cries in tears, his mental agony and depression all that can befall in the form of curse on us. It is not necessary that the person should curse you; however, God who sees all these will punish us for causing pain to an innocent soul.

Is human curse altogether a psychological game that is happening with in us? When we strongly believe that our wrong doings or causing people pains would bring forth some negative or unfavorable incidents and at the end it is tend to happen.

But the reasoning I in me tells me that there is nothing called human curse because we do not have any correlation between the so called causal and effect incidents; both of them are two isolated events happened in different time and space.

If we can isolate the causal incident from that of effect incident we can very well answer that there is no human curse existing, but as long as we cant isolate causal incident from the effect incident because the causal happened prior to effect incident, we are tend to believe that there is human curse existing.

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