Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Movies can’t be isolated from social realities

This is an attempt to hypothetically prove that movies can’t be isolated form social realities, the thread of every movie is from the society and it is there in and around us.

Nothing happens in a vacuum, everything happens in a given time and space. We live in a space and time, same as a story has lived or lives in a space and time. It is an eye of a story writer can find stories. The artist, the writer, who lives
 in his own world, would be able to interpret into a conventional language.   

Movie means here feature films, not any kind of animation movies or technical movies and the stunt films. Movies is a medium of entertainment, in a given span of time a story is told, by adding colour and vibrancy and with technical aspects and the very story thread is taken from the society.  
Social realities are what are happening around us without being organized. Social realities are not anything that is organized; it can be an incident from a person’s life or an incident that has happened in the society at large. 

Movies can’t be isolated from social realities because it is social realities that are resembled through movies. The writer lives in the society in a given space and time and automatically he is influenced by what is happening around him. When the reality is put into words it becomes fiction and it becomes a story for a movie.

No story is preexisting; it is existing or happening in and around us. No story is abstract; it lives in and around us.

A reality can not be straight away made into movie because no one would appreciate what is real and it would be boring to watch. Movie has a set of style and ways of presenting it. When a reality is taken as a movie, movie makers add certain flavors to add colour to the reality and it is presented.


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