Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Getting cheated

If we get cheated in our life journey, let us be glad in one way that we belong to a great history and tradition. Cheating has been there from the very inception of the universe. All the great people have been cheated in their life for a common good or for a better cause. History tells t
hat always the innocent people fall victims of getting cheated.

Garden of Eden has a story of cheating to tell us. God created Adam and Eve and sent them to the Garden of Eden and told them go and enjoy and can eat any fruit except for the fruit of the tree that is in the center of the garden.

Satan goes to Adam and Eve and tells them that if they eat the fruit of the tree that is in the center of the Garden, they would become like God, imbued with the desire to be like God, they ate the fruit and they felt shy and later they were thrown out of the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve got cheated by Satan.

When we come to New Testament we have Jesus getting cheated by Judas Iscariot one of His twelve disciples. Judas betrayed Jesus with a kiss for 30 silver coins. At the end what happened to Judas, he hung himself.

If you were to be cheated for a good cause, sooner or later the one who has cheated will suffer in his or her life at any cost; it has been the law of nature.

The great Kurushetra war has a story of cheating to narrate; there reaches a stage during the fight when it becomes necessary for the Pandavas to kill their Guru Dronacharaya. It was impossible to kill him in a fair fight. The only thing that would incapacitate him would be his son Ashwadhama’s death and the only person he would believe is Yudhishtira.

So Yudhishtira created an elephant figure out of mud and named it Ashwadhama and they destroyed it and screamed “Ashwadhama died” and in low voice “who means an elephant.” When Drona hears this he puts down his weapon and Pamdavas take advantage of this situation and killed him.    

Cheating has been there from time immemorial; even the scriptures have the story of cheating. For the completion of the great mission, Jesus was to be crucified for that he was to be handed over to, if it were not Judas Iscariot some one else had to do it. Same as to have a just Kurushetra war Drona was to be cheated and killed so that the righteousness could be restored and peace is established.

When we are cheated for a right cause, let us be happy that something good is going to happen to someone at the cost of us getting cheated; in our small world and in the small surroundings.     


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