Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mea Culpa

To error is human but to acknowledge and confess our mistake is something great. If we commit some mistakes may be knowingly or unknowingly, how many of us would confess
it was our mistake and ask sorry for the mistake? Not many of us would do that.

How many of us would be humble enough  to tell that Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa which means it was my mistake and please forgive me.

Every often we conveniently close our eyes towards our mistakes. We are least bothered about the people who are turned to be the victims of our mistakes and wrong doings and had to suffer a lot.

Can we restore what is lost for them? No…. never…. In this case what we can do the least is to have the attitude of sympathy and empathy. But our sympathy and empathy should not be pseudo.

Because of our wrong deeds and action no one shall feel bad, get hurt nor suffer. We are not here to make enemies for ourselves. Instead we are here to make life colorful with people around us and making friendships and company with them.

If there were a fight between our friends, how many of us would take the initiative to walk up to our friends and tell him or her that it was my mistake and ask sorry for what has happened and try establishing peace between. We often wait for the other to come to us and initiate the repair work for the damage caused.

We are so familiar with the word love and to many we have already told that “I love you.” But when something goes wrong the whole love vanishes and the hatred is filled in, if this is the case our love was not genuine. We were selfish in loving him or her to the extend that everything went in good notes.

Forgiveness is the highest form of love. We truly love or loved someone we will be able to forgive him or her unconditionally whatever he or she has done unto us. Unconditional love doesn’t keep a space for hatred and antagonism.

Forgiveness demands great amount of humility where we need to break down our ego and attitude and need to humble ourselves only then we will be able to tell that it was my mistake and ask sorry for what has happened.

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