Monday, October 4, 2010

No potency in God???

Does it sound that God is impotent and not capable of doing anything? There is no potency in God means He is everything, there is nothing in Him to be improved upon, and there is nothing to be actualized in Him. There is no potency in God
and He is pure Act. He is Infinite Being. (Here potency means the ability to grow from imperfection to perfection)

We finite beings have potency; potency to achieve something. We are finite so always we need to improve upon. We grow from imperfections to perfections every day. We human beings are created with limitations so that we shall strive hard to achieve the perfection that is next to the heart of our creator God.

Does God create a stone that He Himself can’t lift up? No………. God does not create something that He Himself can’t control; if so God would be challenging His own very existence. We can’t have pluralities in God, He is single and powerful. So we are here on this planet of earth with a Divine purpose and out of His pure act.

We all are born with so many potencies, many a time we fail to realize our potencies. The success of our life is in finding our potencies and making use of them for greater glory.

We human beings are created with potency to actualize it for greater cause. A grown up adult who is at the age of 25 has the potency to be parent but if his potency to be a father is not actualized until he gets into the union with his better half, that does not mean that he is impotent.

A man who knows how to swim has the capability to swim but that is not manifested always. It is manifested only when he gets a chance to swim, that does not mean that in him there is no capability to swim. Many a time our potencies are not manifested, they are asleep.

As elephant does not its strength, often we also do not know what our capabilities and potencies are. Only a few people have known what their potencies are and they have become great people.

So let us awake from our sleep, know our potencies and start acting now, we have potencies so that we shall improve upon and reach the heights of perfection that is expected of us from God, our creator. God who is pure act shall help us to act in accordance with our potencies.

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