Friday, February 8, 2013

The Tale of ‘Twin’ Hunt (Final Part)

Due to the unprecedented internal issues, every proceeding of the twin hunt is put on a halt now; perhaps this is going to be the final part of The Tale of ‘Twin’ Hunt and I strongly feel both as a huntsman and writer I had a space in the mind of my ardent readers and I could sustain the interest of my passionate readers with a real life story. I thought of putting in words whatever attempt has been made from my end, as a result the whole hunt would have five parts altogether because my life is always an open book.

After the 13.12.2013 episode, for the first time I saw one of the twin girls on 6th February, 2013 at Kadavanthara stop but nothing was fascinating me. I was happy to learn that still they take the same route because I have not pestered them to stop taking the same route. So my unseen attempts and mere presence at the stop have not disturbed their free movement. On 7th February, 2013 my 360º virtual friend came to my office to meet me up and during our discussion the matter of marriage and twin-girls popped up which he happened to come to know about. He told me that he would make an attempt to know their whereabouts and if possible on the same day evening he would come thus things could be carried to the next levels.

Unlike the Oondakanni and newspaper agent, 360º virtual friend gave me a call and informed me that he would be coming to find the whereabouts about the twin girls and I was happy with his instant response and the interest he has shown. Soon I passed the message to 3D man, my constant aid in the hunt, that 360º virtual friend would be coming so I asked him to be there in the stop at 5.30pm. Before 3D man came, I showed the way and the deviation that is most often taken by the twin girls to get back to their residence.

Like in the part II in The Tale of ‘Twin’ Hunt, I asked the 3D man and 360º virtual friend to get fielded on the other side of the road and as I find them getting dwon the bus I would inform them that they would be coming. As I saw one of them walking towards Kochu Kadavanthara road, I called 3D man up and told him that one of them was coming and after a couple of minutes I saw the other too coming and I passed the message to 3D man. For a couple of minutes I did not know what 3D man and 360º virtual friend were doing on the other side of the road.

When I gave a ring to 3D man he told me that he has identified the twin-girls to 360º virtual friend and he would do the rest. After couple of minutes 360º virtual friend told me that he has done it, he could locate their residence, and he made a sarcastic comment that now his concern was that whether they would like me. So finally their residence is located after so many months’ planning and attempts. After locating their residence, he took 3D man and showed him their residence.

So now the hunt is half won as the initial plan was to locate the abode of twin girls, thereby, their parents could be contacted with a potential marriage proposal from twin-guys’ end. Never, it was my plan to approach the twin-girls directly but I as a single person I had so many constraints however; I had to act upon before it was too late. Now a wonderful prospect is open at the forefront… But here, I am giving it up by calling it a day and now all the efforts I have put in are going to be futile. Even if someone from the twin-guys’ end approach their parents, I don’t think anything would really work out.

The story has an immature end because people who should be showing keen interest have taken a back seat but I don’t want to name them. With great effort, patience and corporation with my friends, I have pulled together everything till this point of time and now anyone else could easily take the matter ahead, if they are really interested. 
The Tale of ‘Twin’ Hunt has an abrupt end, as a writer I could narrate a story to my readers, it was completely a series of real incidents but in a fictional way I have been putting it across. To the best of my consciousness, my hunt has been fair and pure; it was not to malign any person or gender.    

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