Monday, April 8, 2013

Failure of life begins when we start lamenting on our past decisions

What we are today is the end result of the series of decision that we have taken in our life journey. Decision does not necessarily means the involvement of large amount of people, time, thinking process and money that have gone into but any small step we make in our life is a decision. I am writing a blog on ‘Failure of life begins when we start regretting on our past decisions’ is a small decision of mine to do so. Therefore, any action we perform is the end result of our intellectual decision and perhaps a decision could turn around our life itself.

What I am today is the outcome of the number of decisions, both big and small, that I have made in my life. The particular PG course, MA Communication, I had opted for; the particular interviews I had attended, the particular job I have chosen are the series of decision that I have taken in my life. After all that, if I sit back and think that instead of MA Communication, I should have gone for MBA and that would have offered me a better job and career all that and if I continue lamenting on my so-called fallen state, I would not be able to find happiness in myself as well as in the rest of my life.

We can’t make any revisions in our past decisions which could eventually result in my current well being then what is the point of regretting on the past decisions and make our life even more miserable and a catastrophe for people who are around us. Whatever had to happen has happened and there is nothing much that I could do about my past decisions which would bring a positive result in my life against the already being experienced status because what is done can’t be undone.

Failure of our life begins the moment we start lamenting on our past decisions. In stead of regretting we should take it as a challenge because most often than not we decide our destiny. When we are in a frame of life realities, out-of-the-box-thinking is not possible for us and later in our life we would be able to draw parallel lines with the important life stones in our life and we would be able to make a wrapping up such as if I would have done that way this would not have happened to me and my life could have been much better. In the given situation it is so difficult to have an out-of-the-box-thinking.

Who knows if I had taken a left turn, when I was lost at the cross road of life, instead of right, whether my life would not have been much more miserable and broke? I could evaluate on the left turn, that I would have taken instead on the right road I am right now journeying, only if I had really traveled I would have had any visible milestones to draw the parallel lines thus to make a conclusion that if I had taken the left path, instead of right, my life would have been much more colourful and happening.   

If we are still lamenting on our past decisions there starts our failure. The success is not in falling down but how we get up after each fall and walking ahead in our life journey. Life is not always the bed of roses but it is full of hardships and problems and it is all about how we tackle them all and there is our success.    

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