Friday, March 22, 2013

The war over water is on

“If there is a 3rd world war, it would be over drinking water,” someone had predicted it long back and the current scenario is leading to this devastating scenario.  Fight over water is already begun; the Kerala – Tamil Nadu dispute on Mullaperiyar water and Karnataka - Andra Pradesh on Kavari Water.  Water has become so dearer to us because of its scarcity and it is not a product that can be produced in any factory like any other product but it is a free gift of nature.  
As we all know water is so inevitable in our life; we would be able to live a few days without food but not without drinking water. We need water for almost all our daily functions; right from brushing in the morning, toilet purpose, taking bath, cooking food, water gardens, cleaning and what not. We can have an alternative for any other goods but definitely not for water.

Water has become one of the most-sought-after natural resources. As the end result of globalization and industrialization, the whole Eco system is affected and there left little forest and vegetation as a result we have an abrupt climate changes, with little rain. As the years and decades pass by the mercury is soaring up and the world has become a terrible place to live in because of its ever increasing temperature.

We have a great documentary like ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ produced by Al Gore, a well-researched study  on temperature rise causing the melting down of ice and climate changes but it apparently we are not bothered about it all. It is high time that we start acting before things move in an uncontrollable situation. It is everyone’s responsibility not just farmers, departments like forest, natural resources, whether and environment and NGOs who work for nature and nature groups.   

Hardly, we have any wet land left where water storage could happen. Now the world has become a jungle of concrete buildings. We have concreted the entire place with cement and there is little space where the water can get penetrated to the soil thus the level of ground water would come up. We do not let water to get penetrated to the soil in our courtyards where it is all cemented to look beautiful.

We should have different ways to preserve the rain water, we need to have a well-managed rain water harvesting facility where water could be stored, more check-dams should be built, our wet land should be preserved, and measures should be taken in our surroundings to get water penetrated to the soil to have a rise in ground water.

If the condition of the so called God’s own country, Kerala, where there is a great rain fall and thick vegetation and greenery, is so alarming how bad would be the condition of other geographical areas. The condition of Kerala is so frightening and it is being declared the drought hit area.

Somehow, we would complete our life cycle and die off peaceably but the coming generation is going to be the most affected ones. Nature is our mother, giver of everything, and she needs to be respected and protected, if the wrath of the nature would be befallen upon us it be extreme; such as earth quake, tsunami, landslide and drought.  

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