Friday, March 15, 2013

High-end phone, a symbol of social status??

Chappa Kurishu - Malayalam movie, directed by Sameer Thahir, starring Fahadh Fazil and Vineeth Sreenivasan in lead characters, as people living in two poles of life, luxury and poverty, depicts the kind of transition that takes place in Vineeth Sreenivasan once he gets a high-end phone. He speaks it to his lover that the amount of confidence he has within himself while having the high-end phone with him. 

The phone is our direct connection with our near and dear ones as well as people whom we know. The basic phone would be serving us with bear minimum features whereas the high-end phone opens up a big avenue of opportunities right in front of us. Having a high-end phone has become a symbol of prestige and social status.  

The kind of features that the high-end phone offers are tremendous and we get everything at our finger tips, making our life easy and happening. A high-end phone can be an immediate alternative to laptop with its portability, being handy and end number of features. A high-end phone connects us to the whole world. 

In the movie, though Vineeth Sreenivasan wanted to return the phone to its owner many times, engulfed by the fantasy and the feeling of being something in spite of the fact that he was from a poor background, he was not able to return the phone on some reason or the other.  The movie ends in a tragic note; he losing his girlfriend and getting beaten up to the core.

This points out to the fact that how badly life of people could be affected with the wrong uses of the phone. Of course, it is the need of the hour to have such high-end phone but everyone does not require that kind of phone because his neighbor owns one.  Albert Einstein had anticipated it accurate, “I fear the day when the technology overlaps with our humanity. The world will only have a generation of idiots"

Technology is a blessing at the same time it can be a curse as well as depending on its right use. Having a high-end phone gives us a feeling that we belong to an elite group in the society and give us confidence of being something in our life.   

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