Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Mr. CM, don’t make people wait for you indefinitely, our time is precious as well

People of Kerala watching you, learn to be punctual at least and learn to keep your promise. If you have forgotten, let me remind you the slogan of your government ‘Athi Vegam Bahu Dooram’ (With greater speed – long distance) - the speed with which Chief Minister, Oommen Chandy, promises to deliver the goods and services.  But things are happening at snail's pace and many a time programms you promised to officiate are being cancelled at the last minute. You kept over 800 people of Kallichithra Colony - Naadaampaadam waiting for you. In preparation of your arrival, the precious time of the state police force, bomb squad, personnel of various departments and resources have been wasted, which could otherwise have been used for something productive and meaningful.

I do agree that it was a tight schedule for you in Thrissur district on August 18, 2015 with at least 5 functions to attend. When you give a promise to attend the programme, you should make it at any cost. Having made over 800 people wait for you for 3 hours and 10 minutes and cancelling the programme at last minute is never justifiable nor is it a sign of a good leader. If you knew that you could not make the function, you should have delegated someone to inaugurate the function on behalf of you at least after 1 hour of having being late.

Already we are annoyed with the way your government functions, which is already into so many scams like – Solar Scam, Bar – bribe and fights within your UDF coalition. (My last vote was for congress party – learn to accept criticism from who supports UDF not just appreciation alone). Today, you have really tested our patience.  What about the tribal people, who have been eagerly waiting to have your Darshan and convey to you their grievances and needs. You scattered all their wishes and dreams. You politicians do not visit any tribal colony in any normal condition nor do anything for them, at least you could make the chance of coming to such places as a Glorified Leader (Of course, when you come for an inaugural function – you are personified).

Your coming late and cancelling the programme the last moment would have been justified, if the 17 houses were built by your government on government fund. 

Because of you, I had to face lots of inconveniences.  After reporting the function, I had to get back to my home in Koothattukulam, which is 100kms away. Considering the fact that Naadaampaadam is a remote area, it was quite impossible to get at least an auto late at 9.45PM after the inauguration function to reach Amballur from where I could board a bus to Koothattukulam. Thankfully, I had noted the contact number of the auto driver who had dropped me there at Naadaampaadam. Though I had to pay him Rs. 350 as auto fare, finally I could reach Amballur at 10.30PM or so. I had to cancel going home and stay back in Thrissur, as it was too late. After 3 hours, assigning the MLA on behalf of you and making an apology for not coming for the function through the MLA is never acceptable.

At least, you should have the assiduousness to assign someone on behalf of you, when you knew that you were going to be late for the function, at least after 1 hour.  You and your government don’t do anything really for tribals and when a company like Jyothy Laboratories Ltd, does such kind of noble act you could encourage it at least by attending the function, which could be a boost for the companies like Jyothy Laboratories to take up more project for poor as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility.

My humble appeal to you is that at least find some time in your BUSY SCHEDULE and make it a point to visit the people of Naadaampaadam and see for yourself what Jyothy Laboratories Ltd. had done, which your government can never do.  Going to Naadaampaadam and visiting the people over there would be the best apology that you could make to them for having made them wait for your over 3 hours and giving them the false promise that you would hand over the keys of the houses that Jyothy Laboratories Ltd has constructed for the people over there.

Because of you politicians, who always are behind scheduled times, generous and kind-hearted person like Shri. M. P. Ramachandran, Chairman & MD Jyothy Laboratories Ltd, had to wait for you intolerantly. Keeping  Shri. M. P. Ramachandran waited for you 3 hours is the kind of appreciation you give to him for the kind of respect and appreciation what he had done to the society? The time, money, efforts spent on your publicity all are going futile. Because of you, false news was carried in the newspapers in Thrissur edition on August 18, 2015 that Chief Minister, Oommen Chandy, would inaugurate the handing over the keys of the houses that Jyothy Laboratories built for the people of Kallichithra Colony and you never came for the inauguration.   

I have a humble request to make to you, Dear CM, please do not repeat what you have done in Naadaampaadam today. 

Photo Courtesy: thadisan

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