Friday, September 18, 2015

Culling stray dogs is a lesser evil compared to the agony humans have to undergo after being bitten by stray dog

In the wake of the series of dog bite incidents being reported in Kerala and innocent faces of the kids being tarnished as an aftermath of dog bites, we should remember that we live in a country, India, where capital punishment is in force and justifiable homicide is not a capital offence, then, why culling stray dog is the most debated topic of the time?

The Constitution of India provides Fundamental Rights under Chapter III, Article 21 guarantees Right to Protection of Life and personal liberty. According to Section 302, 303 under Indian Penal Code (IPC), a person is sentenced to death for committing murder. Why then a dog that is a threat to humans can’t be culled? Any individual, who is a threat as well as a nuisance to the life of human beings, is put behind bars, why then all these street dogs are let free?
According to Aristotle, humans are the superior ones among living beings. Dogs are not wild animals, perhaps dogs formed their present nature because of the metamorphosis and evolution triggered after its long association with human beings. Dogs were most likely the first domesticated animals. They have escorted humans for some 10,000 years. Today humans have bred hundreds of different domestic dog breeds, some of which would never survive in the wild. Dog being a domestic animal, it is not ought to do what is injurious to the very human existence like wild animals do. Anything that causes a threat to human well being should be eradicated.
I am not against the so-called dog-lovers nor have any hostility towards  dogs. Let them love the dogs but they should make sure that the dogs being loved by them should not hurt the common man. The dog-lovers speak out and express their love for the stray dogs while sitting in the comfort of air conditioned rooms, AC car and in the security guaranteed to them by their social status, financial background and the place they dwell. They never walk through the streets swarming with stray dogs nor do they have had any real encounter with stray dogs.

I am forced to believe that all dog lovers’ forum and activities are sponsored and supported by pharmaceutical companies, which are Rabies Vaccine manufacturers, suppliers and producers. People are mostly bitten by the stray dogs than domestic dogs, so the major volume of Rabies Vaccine manufactured are sold (used) to (by) people being bitten by stray dogs, therefore, it is the need of the pharmaceutical companies to have stray dogs wandering the public places and biting people.  

The so-called dog lovers' affection for the stray dogs just remain in words, if they have any genuine love for them, why don't they take the dogs (at least a few) to their home and give them food and shelter. It would be nice if the so-called dog-lovers shall become human-lovers as well. 
Instead of taking measures to save people from getting bitten by stray dogs, Kerala Government made an idiotic announcement that the government will meet the expense of the treatment for the people who are bitten by stray dogs. Govt does not have a solution for the stray dog menace. What about the pain, trauma, frustration and fear of rabies that are faced by people after the dog bite? Just a free treatment can’t pay off everything. The other day, a union minister was asking us to climb up a tree, if we are being chased by stray dogs. What an irresponsible remark and out of place humour, that too from a minister!!

According to the code of ethics, the lesser evil is always permissible when we have to choose between two evils, one of which we ought to commit. Therefore, culling stray dogs is a lesser evil compared to the agony humans have to undergo after being bitten by a stray dog.  

An outcry from a victim of dog bite. 

Image Courtesy: Good Image