Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Really annoyed with the kind of service Focuz Biwheelers renders

I am well aware of the fact that writing this mail to you is absolutely of no use and completely waste of time for me. Hardly will it elicit any response from you. I can't but react, as I am an empowered citizen of this land, who reacts to what is odd and unethical. I can't tolerate when I learnt that I was being exploited. 

Please find attached the snaps of the two-wheeler taken, your service center as the backdrop, immediately after the service done from your Focuz Biwheelers in Sahodaran Ayyappan Road, Panampilly Nagar, Ernakulam on August 05, 2015. Also find attached the bill of the service as a proof of having got the service done in your service center. 

I am really sorry to tell you that the kind of service you are rendering really sucks. I had shown the two-wheeler to the female sales representative of your showroom (from whom I bought the two-wheeler), immediately after the service got done in your showroom. When I spoke to the man in-charge of the service, he told me the pump has some complaint, so the water service could not be done properly. If you have such problem at your service center, ratify it first then do the service than taking money from the customers and rendering poor service.  

Please note that I bought another two-wheeler through the female sales representative from your showroom, Hero Glamour, on July 31, 2015 despite the very bad and hostile behavior from one of your male sales representatives. Please note that you are not the monopoly in the market, we have a lot of other companies having two-wheelers with better features as options to buy, so please educate your male sales representatives to treat the customers well. Even your male sales representative told me to just get the two-wheeler and go off and I was not there to receive your charity or free gift, I am paying the amount and buying a two-wheeler. Please educate your male sales representative not to provoke and challenge who is already your customer and who would be a potential customer. If you don't know, please learn that Word of Mouth is the most powerful way of advertisement and a satisfied customer can bring more business to your showroom and definitely a provoked and badly treated customer can ruin the reputation you have built over the years. Even if you can't treat your customers well, please don't treat them bad. I know the name of the particular male sales representative but I don't want to take his name here. 

The very reason I got the service done at your Focuz Biwheelers on August 05, 2015 was simply because of the rude and arrogant behavior from the male sale representative in your office. When I had a heated argument with him on your poor service, he told me to get the 'Best Service' done, I need to bring the two-wheeler to the showroom from where I bought the two-wheeler. (as the nearest hero service station to my house is Muvattupuzha - 15kms, I used to take the two-wheeler to your Muvattupuzha service center than riding the two-wheeler 60kms to Focus Biwheelers in Panampilly Nagar ). Now, I learnt that service at hero service centers are equally bad everywhere. 

After having got the service done at your service center, what is visible to me is what you have done externally (at least the mud and dirt should have been removed). If this is what you are doing to what is visible externally, who knows what kind of service you have done internally, which is never visible to me nor can be experienced (like refilling the engine oil, tightening of the chain, etc..).   

On Monday, August 10, 2015, I had a telephonic call from your service department, to know how satisfied customer I am after the service got done on August 05, 2015 and I have objectively raised all the issues and informed that I am deeply disappointed. If you really value the customer feedback, there should be something done about based on the feedback received. After that call, there was not any response from your service department until I gave a call today morning. You have also proved that the call from your service department for the customer feedback is just another mockery.

If this is the kind of service you are rendering, I think buying the second two-wheeler from your Focuz Biwheelers showroom was the biggest mistake I ever have done in my life, which is deeply regretted after the August 05, 2015 service experience.

My two-wheeler is Passion Xpro - Reg No. KL17 L 2196

I wish to be a satisfied customer of yours. If you could do something about it, please do ...... 

 Image Courtesy: Google Image 

With warm regards 

Sanil Augustine

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