Saturday, November 28, 2015

Terribly disappointed with the kind of service rendered by Christianweds matrimonial sites

Dear Christianweds officials,

Sub: An open letter to the officials of Christianweds matrimonial site

I was terribly disappointed with the kind of service rendered by Christianweds matrimonial sites.
I am Sanil Augustine, have recently registered with Christianweds matrimonial site with a profile Id,CWEKM3365 after the continuous persuasion, compulsion and colourful promises offered by the Christianweds official, Mr. Biju from Thodupuzha office. Mr. Biju over and again asserting that the Unique Selling Point (USP) of Christianweds unlike other matrimonial site is the Christianweds plays a role of a mediator between guy’s and girl’s family to align a marriage proposal. Having been convinced with what Mr. Biju told me, I registered with Christianweds matrimonial site.
This sounded great because most of the matrimonial sites do not play a mediatory role, so there is no real force to bring both the parties into a meeting point for marriage. It has been over a month since I registered with Christianweds, I feel that I should take a call now, that I am terribly disappointed by the kind of service you render in helping unmarried people to find their life partner. Even if you can’t help the unmarried people to find their life partner, don’t let them go through an unpleasant experience of calling up the parents of a married person by helping them to collect the contact details from your matrimonial website. This keeps the whole credibility of Christianweds at stake.
Shockingly, most of the profiles in Christianweds no longer exist. While contacting over phone the following profiles in Christian weds; CWEK2131, CWKTM2102, I have been told that their marriage was over long back. It is just a few examples to validate the fact.
I strongly feel that Christianweds being a budding matrimonial sites, in order to boast about and to project that Christianweds having lots of profiles, hence to invite new paid customers through all kinds of publicity and generate income, all the old profiles (people whose marriage was over long back and most of them would have their kids by now) are still kept active in your site. This is utter unprofessionalism and unethical.
I don’t think you not even have the credibility to ask apology to your customers on the fact that still all the old profiles are kept active in your website, it is utterly unethical. It is always said that first impression is the best impression and I just have had my first impression about Christianweds. The most powerful publicity is said to be Word of Mouth publicity, so you can have a wide guess on what kind of word of mouth publicity I will be engaged in with the kind of experience I have had.

My objective remark  

In order to cope with competition among matrimonial sites, Christianweds encourages lots of free registration to attract more unmarried people to the site and thereby, convert a good number of them to paid customers, thus to generate income.  In normal case, with all the matrimonial sites, the free registration is just for one month, whereas in Christianweds the free registration is ‘lifelong’ is what I could learn from the discussion I had with the Christianweds official, Mr. Biju. All those free registrations are never monitored and all of them are there in the Christian weds websites as active profiles. You should have a monitoring system to scrutinize which are not active profiles and to delete the profile then and there. Your attempts to serve the unpaid customers, with ‘lifelong’ free registration, actually screwing up we paid customers.

The concerned authorities of Christianweds should understand how terrible it would to give call to the parents of a married person by helping them to collect the contact details from your matrimonial websites. Both the parties; married and unmarried, will feel awful about it.  

About Age mentioned in the website
Profile (where age is written) of most of the unmarried girls in Christianweds appear much young than the year in which they are actually born. For Eg. The age of the profile id CWKTM2071 is written Age: 23, but the Date of Birth of the concerned person is written 1990-03-20.   

I don’t mind you doing your business but give me the service you promised me, for which I have paid.

I brought these serious issues to Christianweds official, Mr. Biju over a telephonic discussion, hope that something will be done about it to keep everything back in position.

I don’t want to speak about how user unfriendly your website is and how difficult it is to navigate and how hyperlinks are provided to view profile at ease, because technical aspects are your headache.

Hope that what I have pointed out will help you to serve your customers better  

Going forward, if I have a good experience with Christianweds, I won’t mind writing that too…

Saturday, November 28, 2015

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