Thursday, January 15, 2015

Is there anything like ‘The Life Partner’?

The options for one to choose his/her life partner are very limited. The potential bride or bride groom can operate only within one’s geography area, religion and its sub division, educational and social background, profession, salary credited in his bank account, height, weight and physical fairness all that. When all those criteria are considered, the options for one to choose from are very limited.

The current social and religious system and general practices followed have made the concept of arranged marriage very complicated. The arranged marriage is very difficult to happen because so many things are to be arranged, whereas in love marriage, with love everything automatically gets arranged.  In arranged marriage, more than the chemistry of both the parties to easily get along with each other, factors is always given predominant consideration. In arranged the visible and tangible signs like, the skin tone of the partner, height, weight, looks, social status are matter of great concern.

Before the marriage, the fiancé or fiancée remains a mystery, how much ever we try to explore and know more about the other, the true metal of the other seldom gets revealed. Because at comfortable levels, everyone would act sweet and polished, but life journey is encountered with hard core life realities, the real character of the life partner will get exposed. We don’t follow any Swoyamvara form of marriage where the potential partners line-up and get a chance to choose one after having exhibited the skills and abilities.  

The success of married life is not in choosing the right partner but being the right partner to each other.

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