Thursday, May 3, 2012

Religion to impose morality

Ultimately, the purpose of any religion is to impose morality in the society. In a value decline society, who else would have taken up the responsibility of imposing morality among people? To this end all the religion works for.

Let us take any religion for this regard and ultimately every religion is imposing morality rather instills a kind of fear in the mind of people that there is a life after death and if we don’t lead a good life while we are on our earthly sojourn we would be in hell after our death. So in order to enjoy the eternal life the religion is asking us to take up the works of charity and lead a good life.

Life after death is an enigma for us, and no one has ever returned after the death so to tell us what is happening life after death therefore, the death remains an absolute enigma and no one has clearly mentioned about life after death with any kind of authenticity.

Religion is placing right in front an intangible gift in terms of heaven and people are asked to do good deeds in order to obtain heaven. Hinduism speaks about Moksha whereas Christianity teaches about eternal bliss i.e. heaven and Buddhism teaches about enlightenment so in a nut shell every religion is teaching one and same that is to be moral for eternal reward.  
If you do this you get all these offers i.e. if you do good deeds you would be getting heaven. Despite of all religion we have all evil things prevailing in this world so what would have been the condition if we did have religion to impose morality? 

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  1. 1. Well... religious people - not simply religion - impose morality, when it does happen... but I get your point.

    It is worth also considering atheism... Stalin, Lening, Mao, Kim Sung Il of North Korea, etc. They also imposed their morality on others.

    2. The other thing... you have Christianity 100% backwards. The whole point of Christian teaching is that there are no good deeds that you can do in order to earn the after-life... None whatsoever.

    This is exactly where Christianity is diametrically opposite that of other religions. You cannot earn Heaven in any way by bartering good deeds. God's love cannot be earned or bought with good deeds. It is about grace.

    Romans 3:28: “We conclude that a man is justified by faith, without the deeds of the law.”