Wednesday, June 9, 2010

To be or not to be

Many of us have had the crude existential crisis already in our life. To be or not to be………….. To be or not to be on this planet of earth???????????? To kill ourselves or to move on in this world with the difficulties and shame. Life throws so many challenges and questions right in front of us, sometime as financial crisis, hunting for a good job, break up,
divorce, failures and death of our near and dear ones and so on. There are times when our own people who push us into this situation and some time we fall into due to the circumstances. Often it is very difficult for us to get rid of it and handle it all single-handedly.

It is really difficult to get out of these kinds of big challenges and questions that life places in front of us. We need to make so many compromises within ourselves; we need to reach in a consensus between challenge and ourselves, we need to pacify our emotions, we need to make ourselves understand the hard core realities of life. Above all, there should be adequate thought process and discussions before we decide  upon something. There should be someone who is mature enough whom we could share with and can guide us through. The success of our life is in coming out of it. Without being a prey to suicide; once we are out of it, we will be bold enough to face anything and everything in our life.

We as human beings should be in a position to understand the ultra depression and frustration that are derived from the existential challenges and problems as well as hurting questions from those who are in and around us. We can also do a great deal in rescuing those people face existential crisis  and bring them back to a normal life; that does not demand great works from us. Our simple gestures are enough for that, our cute smile, our warmth, a cup of tea with them, a walk with them, our patience listening to what they have got to share with us and all that.

My life was challenged to the core and I could have been swiped away with that current of existential challenges and perhaps I would have been no more to write this small article. It is being written out of my experience. Indeed, I am grateful to those people and situations that pushed me to this existential crisis without them I would not have experienced it. I had a couple of my friends; who helped me out really and stood with me.

The success of our life is not in falling but how we get up from each fall. The existential crisis is bound to happen; it is to make us strong mentally, emotionally and physically. It’s a means to become courageous and bold and face life with new vigor and zeal but very often the existential challenges become an end in themselves.

There are times when life sucks us to the core; everything is turning to be totally blank. But remember Time is the best healer; as the time is passing by the wound will be cured and we will realize that everything was turning into blessing in disguise.

We may not get answers for those existential challenges and questions then and there. When we sit back and think after so many years of the occurrence of the particular existential crisis we may have an answer for that. We might feel ashamed that why I was emotionally disturbed so much? Why did I cry for that? Why I behaved immaturely and all that? In fact we would whisper that everything was turning into blessing in disguise.

I salute and dedicate this small article (I don’t claim that the article is something great and worthy to be dedicated) of mine to my best friends who really helped me out and stood with me when my life threw existential challenges and questions in front of me.

“People who have a Why to live have all the reason to live”

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  1. At the end, each n every single person we have met, have done good to us!