Tuesday, June 1, 2010

God in the form of Bread

“If ever God is to be reborn again on this planet of earth it should be in the form of a piece of bread” Gandhiji Said.

We might be wonder-stuck that why Gandhiji said that if ever God is to be reborn again on this planet of earth it should be in the form of s piece of bread. Gandhiji said in the light of usefulness, utility. God remaining
up there as omniscient, omnipotent and benevolent one; what purpose God can serve to a hungry poor man on the street? His ultimate need would be to quench his hunger, so for him what ‘God’ would be food, a piece of bread. God remaining as an absolute reality it may not cater to the basic needs of every human being.

We have the statues of God and Goddesses in gold installed in our temples and churches, what’s it for? Do the God and Goddesses really wish to be enwrapped in gold and remain in the holy place and wish to be worshipped and adored? It’s our human nature to enwrap Deities in gold and please them to get blessings and boons from them. Let all gold and other things be given to poor and needy and it could help them a lot in so many ways. Instead what purpose that gold could serve if it remains in Holy places?

We have so many religions which speak about life after death, heavenly bliss and eternal life but they all fail to understand the human struggles and pains that human beings have in their earthly sojourn. That’s why there were Christian conversions possible on giving away food, cloth and money. That conversion was only in terms of material gains not on faith.

There is a story in which there were two old people, sitting in a dark room dying of freezing winter. They did not have any woolen clothes to protect themselves nor had any fire wood to keep them warm enough to escape from the freezing winter. At the end of their search for something that could keep them warm; they found a wooden statue of Buddha and they decided to burn it and they could keep themselves warm and survived of the freezing winter.

The wooden statue of Buddha which is considered to be Holy and adorable; if the statue were to be kept for worship those two old people would have died of freezing winter. The statue served the utility purpose, utility purpose of keeping them alive. Do you think that addressing that wooden statue of Buddha with prayers would have saved their life?

What we need is a Practical God (which means God who is with us in our daily life) not a God Who remains in theories, prayers and temples. A God who walks along with us, in the path ways and struggles of our life, is what we need, not a God that is enwrapped in gold and wishes to be adored and worshipped.

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  1. There are a lot of reasons for Godly statues in gold and worshippin them has always given good results.
    It is stated in the Sastras or religious books regarding each n every step of our practices. U may easily say that God is something which shud b useful.
    Gold is der in abundance, wood is available everywhere. But not many of us realise that we are wasting things, and it is when we have become rich, we do not use things in a proper way.
    The poor n needy ppl can be satisfied, but not us.

  2. I have gone through your articles. They are very nice and informative. Please kkep it up. You can enrich many readers by your valuable ideas.