Friday, May 28, 2010

Everything is centered on selfishness

When it is to be stated that everything is centered on selfishness we should not take selfishness in the hard core dictionary meaning. Before it is being hypothetically established we need to understand the meaning of selfishness in varied degrees and elements. That is, Selfishness in
lighter forms those are no way injurious to anyone.

There are diverse degrees of selfishness in every action we perform. We can subtract different degrees and elements of selfishness from every action of ours. My writing of this article and uploading in the blog might be a kind of selfishness because by doing so, when someone like you reading it; I get an emotional satisfaction and my selfishness of getting acknowledged and capable of writing something decent enough are gratified.

With the feeling of someone out there to love them, the young couples are getting into love relationship as well as the institution of marriage and their selfishness of being loved and care for are quenched.

We would not have breakups and divorces among lovers and married couples if they were to be less selfish in their approaches for each other. Love should be pure and devoid of selfishness. It’s because of the selfishness of either the girl (wife) or the boy (husband) the breakup or divorce happens among lovers and married couples. If love is unconditional and absolute altruistic the couples would be in a position to forget and forgive the shortcomings of each other’s and go ahead in the relationship. Their ego (selfishness) puts a stumbling block in the relationship and as the result; the relationship comes to an end.

The normal complaint we get to hear from lovers and married couples is that “you don’t love me anymore so I don’t want you.” Very often the girl says “you don’t love me so I am stopping the relationship.” So the girl is selfish in her love the extent in which she is being loved and she can’t tolerate her feeling of not being loved. She has been loving him because she has been loved therefore she is selfish.

Even our friendship is centered on another degree of selfishness. Why do we make friends? Because we don’t want to be isolated in the group; by making friendship we will be acknowledged, respected, loved and cared for. So there is a degree of selfishness in friendship as well.

We admire that teaching is a very dignified profession. Even the so called teachers don’t teach us selflessly instead teachers teach with the selfishness of getting salary not with the pure intention of teaching and imparting knowledge to the students. Rather teaching can be said as it is a way of income and earning for them.

There is a miniature form of selfishness in our parents sending us for higher studies. They are a little selfish that the education would fetch us a good job and they would be loved and taken care of in their old age.

There are material and emotional selfishness that we derive from our very action.

Therefore, we can’t isolate the selfishness that is in varied degrees and elements from our day to day life and its actions. I do something and he or she does something may be with an eye of selfishness, with the selfishness of getting something done in return, with the selfishness of being loved and with the selfishness of being cared for.

Hence, we ordinary people can’t transcend from the varied degrees, elements and realms of selfishness. Only saints and sages can be in the realm of absolute altruism (selflessness).

Absolutely we can’t be devoid of selfishness; so let us keep our selfishness in very miniature levels so that our actions are no way injurious to anyone.


  1. Everyone lives life for a purpose. Everyone needs their duties to be done. Selfishness is necessary. Everything is temporary. So every relationship is temporary too. No one can be selfless. Everyone has to take care of himself, and satisfy his needs. Everyone has to buy their own bread n clothes.

  2. our life is not a accidental. we are created neither by a fault nor by a tragedy.we are not any mistakes of nature.every creation has a reason and aim.because the creator really meant live upto his expectation and be fruitful.