Saturday, May 8, 2010

Massacre Machine Manufactured in Pakistan

Ajmal Amir Kasab a 21 year old poor guy from Pharedkotte village in Okara district of Punjab region in Pakistan has got international attention; not for his heroic action nor for his good deeds but for
waging war against India and Mumbai massacre wherein he and his team went around and killed 166 innocent people and kept Mumbai under high threat for 60 hours.

The verdict has come on 06/05/2010 in a formidable speed that’s within 217 working days of the special court and the verdict is death penalty as it was expected. Kasab is accused for 88 crimes and for five crimes he is sentenced for death penalty. India being the largest democratic country, through the verdict India was sending a message across to the entire world that India can’t make any compromise on terrorism and especially to Pakistan.

The whole Mumbai terror attack and its aftermath leave so many questions right in front of us, for which we may not get answers in the near future. Everyone knows that Kasab is just an agent in the entire incident. He was just a last link in the chain. Who are the real culprits and where are they? Hedli supposedly the chief of the high drama, who is right now in USA, is not even questioned so we can conclude that with this verdict we have not reached anywhere. It is just only a beginning, a small beginning to a great enigma. So many secrets and truth are to unraveled. We can’t bury the whole incident with this verdict and with Kasab instead we have lots to investigate.

What would be the possible causes of terrorism? If we start to investigate the real cause of terrorism many a times we would conclude that utter poverty as the root cause. It’s not for love for jihad and passion to go for jihad that the young people get into terrorist activities. The utter poverty and unemployment in the villages force the youth to join in terrorist activities which can earn them very good income in very short span of time. Thus with the intention of making money Ajmal Amir Kasab joined in Laksher E Thoiba. Perhaps we would not have a Kasab to enact 26/11 if he were born to rich parents.

We say that the entire India was shaken due to the Mumbai attack. How many of us were really affected and shaken? Many of us remained unaffected. Even if we are not directly involved or affected let us share our solidarity with the people who were really affected and shaken by the 26/11 attack.

The death penalty of Kasab should be executed soon because India can’t afford to keep Kasab alive. It could reenact the incident like Kadhahar wherein the terrorist group would hijack the plane and could ask Kasab as ransom. If it would happen the whole point and effort of catching him and giving the verdict would turn to be utter useless. So it’s not safe to keep him alive as well.

The money India spends to prevent terrorism is huge and it is said that already we have spent millions of millions on Kasab, for taking care of him, his shelter and the trails. Per day it costs almost 2 lacks on Kasab and its all being paid indirectly from our own pockets. Imagine if India could use the huge amount on developmental works that is spent to prevent terrorism and on Kasab how much of developmental works we could start off and make India prosperous and developed nation. But as a nation India can’t get away from spending the money to prevent terrorism and has to spend the huge amount for the same.

The death penalty should be executed soon because he does not have any right to live. According to the codes of ethics and morality the lesser evil is permissible for the good of large society. A man who massacred 166 people has got what reason to live? Why to live? Hypothetically we can say that we don’t have any right to take the life of Kasab which God has given him and under humanitarian concerns we need to let him live all that. If we let him live people would lose their faith in judiciary and laws, it might give liberty to people to do anything and everything.

The verdict on 26/11 Mumbai terror attack and death penalty to Kasab don’t put an end to the terrorism that is emanated in Indian soil. The question still remains how we can eradicate terrorism from Indian soil?

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  1. Nothin can be eradicated completely. Yes, he has no right to live! The noose job is to be done. But again, this wouldn't end the whole act of terrorism.