Friday, May 14, 2010


It's said that “Whenever there is a decay of righteousness God will take different forms to cleanse the evil and restore righteousness”. India is a land of varied cultures, beliefs and religions so as we have so many avatars in India, the self proclaimed God men and women to cleanse the evil and restore righteousness.

India is a land of avatars, the personified or self proclaimed
God men and women. In Bible we have God the father incarnated in the form of Human being as Jesus Christ. God being the supreme reality, omniscient and omnipotent, it is very difficult for us to comprehend Him with our little intellect because He is beyond our comprehension.

When all these Gods and Goddess incarnate in Human forms its very easy for we the ordinary human beings to associate with and understand God the Ultimate Reality and there lies the success of all these of avatars, the personified or self proclaimed God men and women.

Ages and recent decades have proved that many of them are pseudo ones. The demand for these avatars, the personified or self proclaimed God men and women are very high in our India. The need for God starts in our mind when we feel that we are lacking something and the feeling of insecurity and these self proclaimed God men and women are so expert to explore these human weaknesses. In certain extent they are able to meet the problems and challenges and suggest solutions for our everyday life. The presence of these avatars fetches a large number of foreigners to India and it helps them to generate huge income.

I don’t deny that all these avatars are fake ones; nevertheless there are fake ones, who wish to have popularity and want to be respected, garlanded and adored as God men and women. Under the label of spirituality (spiritual business, worship and rituals) one thing should be appreciated and acknowledged that many of them run big charitable institutions and educational institutions and it helps many poor people and the revival of education.

However they generate large amount of money for our nation and spin the economy of our country as well. Nothing false can withstand the time and the tests of the time so the collapse of the fake ones is definite one day or the other. Let us be vigilant enough to differentiate what is real and what is fake??


  1. oh my God! what happened to you Supps, you were okay till you where with us? Chennai's heat is taking a toll on your body huh?? jokes apart well stated my friend! Kudos keep it up!