Thursday, August 19, 2010

Room # 212, my sweet room

Madras Christian College (MCC) is one of such colleges in India, which gives a true campus life with its hall accommodation, that too within the Campus. It is always believed and proclaimed that the essence of studying in MCC
is all about Hall Life, rather called in hall. (It is called hall, not hostel because it follows Parliamentarian system of governance, which administers hall functions under the guidance of the Warden).

The halls give a feeling of a home away from home, with college at home and save lots of time and energy for better use.

Only a few colleges in India, that gives such an ambience. MCC is blessed with 5 halls, 3 halls for guys (Heber, Selaiyur and St. Thomas’) and 2 for girls (Martin and Margaret). Each hall is directly under a Warden and Warden is the supreme head of the hall. Each hall is with more than 200 room capacity and guys having single room system and girls apartment. Curfew for boys and girls vary, for girls it is till 6.30pm and boys it’s till 10pm in the night.

Last year with regard to my stay I had great problems, had to shift to so many places and that too several times. Even the food was also another matter of concern, had to wander around for food.

I remember my friends Dileep and Dinesh, who were and still are hall residence in St. Thomas’ Hall, asking me to get into hall. They also used to narrate their romantic hall experiences.

Despite I was a frequent visitor to their rooms (rather called to be non-resident resident). But never had I bothered to listen to them, as I was in such a discipline already, I thought why would I get into such atmosphere once again? By the end of the 1st year I had to vacate the room, (rather got chucked out of, because of the renovation works) where I was staying with Sam

Sam and I were mates (mates means only buddy, no connotative meaning here please) in three ways, age, room and class and never glass mates because we are total teetotalers, now we are only age mates and class mates.

As I was coming back to continue the second year, my greatest concern and worry was to find a roof to stay under. Finally, I thought I should give a try to get into any of the halls. It was really difficult time ahead. My journey to St. Thomas’ Hall, E-Block, Room No-212 (My sweet Room) took so many days of struggles, waiting and meetings.

During which I realized one fact that probably it is easy to get admission in MCC, College but not for the hall accommodation in any of the guy’s halls in the campus. I met Dean of student affairs for five days consecutively, that too each day meeting him for several times. Sam and I were going together to Dean’s office.

The first response was No, Second No, and it went like that on first day of meeting with him. Second day the scene changed a little, Dean told us, there is one accommodation for 2nd year P.G., student of Mass Communication. So with the edge on academics I got the room. So automatically Sam was denied accommodation.

I know it’s too much of luxury to have a single room with all the facilities and mess in it and that too in campus itself with 2 minutes of walk to class. Last year life was turbulent in many ways especially in terms of accommodation and food but this year life seems to be rather settled. Now the challenge is to make use of the facilities and convert it into some real outcomes.

I am grateful to people who helped me to get the hall, from our HOD, Remya Mam who forwarded the letter to Dean, then my friends, Sam, Dileep, Dinesh, Jossin, Boney and moral support of Meenu, Gifty and all others.

Sam’s constant effort has fetched its prize; finally he also got into St. Thomas’ Hall that too in P.G., block. So once again we are rather together though not room mates.

Once I am into hall life atmosphere and started enjoying the hall life thoroughly, now I have feelings of regrets that why I did not give a try to get into hall last year. It’s such a wonderful place to be and I missed my one year to be there. Nevertheless, I have all the reasons to be happy that I have one year to experience and enjoy hall life being in my sweet room #212.

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  1. Thats a sweet entry :) Really hall life is fun man. Nicely put.