Friday, August 6, 2010

Tabula Rasa

When we were born our mind was a Tabula Rasa (clean slate), where nothing was preexisted rather nothing was written, neither anything good nor anything bad. It was a very pure and a clean slate. We did not know what was good and what was bad. It was the society and people around especially
our parents taught us, rather defined what is good and bad for us.

How innocent we were in our childhood. As our mind has an inclination either for good or for bad, in course of time our innocence was over written by complicated and malicious thoughts and some of them we ourselves have deliberately written in our clean mind.

In our acquaintances and dealings with both good and bad people and situations in our life journey both good and bad things got written in our pure mind. All these are written in our mind and perhaps all the written things we might not have really wished for but somehow we got them.

Some of us love the good things and others bad and some of us end up doing good and others bad depending on what is written in our mind. We can’t keep our mind as a clean slate always (Tabular Rasa), either anything good or anything bad should be written. It is the law of nature because we have good spirit as well as bad spirit existing in the world. So naturally we fall in line with any of these. If I am not wrong I think it’s up to us to decide that which should be dominant.

Therefore, it is not a working hypothesis to have a Tabular Rasa (clean slate) where neither good nor bad is written. Something good or bad has to be written. So rather than thinking about a Tabular Rasa, let us have a Rasa with only pure things written in it.

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  1. as u said that the people around us affect our basic way of thinking. a normal human being can't be totally pure. there are both good and bad things in everyone of us, cuz we deal with both good and bad people