Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Imperfections of human inventions

Human beings are claimed to be the crown of creation yet they are finite beings. We claim to be technically advanced and capable of doing anything and everything. Very often we challenge our Creator and The Creator of the entire universe with our technologies and inventions. Many a time we forget God our Creator and relay upon our own strength and abilities which
are ultimately given by God Himself.   

We challenge God because of our ignorance. Though we have technologies to travel anywhere in space, on earth and in water. But nothing can be matched with God’s invention (creation). Who else would create a sun which has been burning so many years and giving light and energy? In our scientific terms we say its helium and prosper burning.    

Anything and everything that God has created is intangible and everlasting. It lasts till the end of the earth but anything that is invented and created by human beings is tangible and is met with accidents and calamities.

For example: The plane which is invented by human beings met with accidents and claims so many lives very frequently. For example the recent Mangalore Plane crash that claimed 158 lives.

Evolution of human technologies: Human beings do not get anything infinite or perfect in their first attempt of discovering something. Rather human technologies and invention are evolving. They can take only graded perfections. For example Nokia phone… its evolving. Compare its first model and the latest.

The whole world was overwhelmed with joy and excitement on the successful return of the space shuttle of America which was returning to earth and a few kilometers away from landing it was turned into ashes. 

The question is Divine intelligence versus Human intelligence. All the inventions help us to make our life smooth and easy. All these inventions should draw us closer to God our Creator rather than depending on our own strengths and going away from God.   

Human beings are becoming victims of their own inventions. For an ordinary example how many human beings are dieing every day due to the road accidents and various kinds of other accidents, where the vehicles remain solely human discovery. How many die due to the electric shocks and so on. Human inventions are boon but its curse as well.

Now the question is how to address all the natural calamities that are happening, such as earthquake, tsunami, hurricanes, flood and famine. Who should be blamed for all these? God, the Creator of the entire universe and controls it? Or the human beings, who make use of the universe and disturb the equilibrium?    

Therefore, any human inventions and technologies are imperfect and every way it is unparalleled to God’s creation in its infinite form.


  1. Every new invention has its own positive and negative sides.
    Good one, Sanil. Proud to be your friend.
    We cannot do what God can do. Though there are so many things which have come up, humans can't be perfect in everything. A person invents something, and the other uses it wrongly.
    A human is himself imperfect. Then how can his invention be?

    This blog triggers my mind to one more concept.
    'Imperfection of human, makes new inventions'.

    It is when there are imperfect things, man tries to invent new things to make something perfect. But again, there are always better inventions which happen from time to time. This in turn, makes his invention imperfect.

  2. Human intelligence and infinite intelligence. Former is just a part of the latter. Some call infinite intelligence, a scientific term, as Jesus, some as Allah or some others as Rama. If you observe carefully, you can understand that nothing is being created nor destroyed in this world or in universe in general. We are just a part of the infinite intelligence which is the ultimate truth and in other sense, the mother of all inventions. Men make things with trial and errors. We learn to walk after falling down for many times. Thomas Alva Edison invented light bulb after 9999 futile attempts. We can’t blame mankind for our mistakes or inventions we have made. Only thing we can do in this world is to persevere and do good for the mankind in general. Anyway good write up, keep writing!
    Cheers, Justin.