Saturday, July 17, 2010


The word Hermeneutics is derived from the Greek word hermeneias, which means interpretation. It is associated with Greek God Hermes, because God’s message in its original form
was not intelligible to men and it was Hermes who interpreted the meaning of God’s message and conveyed to men.

Interpretation is a vital part of our very existence. We keep on interpreting things that we see and hear in our every day life. From the moment we get up in the morning till we go to bed in the night, we have to interpret what is happening in and around us. It is through interpretation we derive meaning. We may be able to live with out a code of language but never without hermeneutic ways. In order to have a meaningful existence in this world we need to interpret things that happen in our life.

Hermeneutic ways are the techniques of understanding things, things can be understood and is made intelligible only when it’s interpreted. If there are no adequate intellectual pursuit and thinking gone into interpreting things; our interpretation might go wrong.

Some are able to interpret things very well for themselves but for some they need to get it interpreted by others. With or without out knowledge we keep interpreting things and try to derive meaning from them.    

We have come across astrologers and palmist who interpret our future with given signs and symbols and they apply the principles and science of interpretation and very often their interpretations come true. Hence, hermeneutics is a process in which something unintelligible is brought to understanding through the process of interpretation.

Interpretation does not belong to scholastic schools alone. It is used and applied in everyday life by any ordinary man; only thing is that he may not be aware of the fact that he is using the theory of Hermeneutic ways.

We live in a fraudulent world, so we need to interpret well and choose what is right and meaningful for us. Let us learn the art of interpretation. By interpreting what is happening in and around us, let us have a very meaningful existence in this world.


  1. Yes 'The art of interpretation' is a skill we should have.

  2. but nowadays mis-interpretation is more.