Saturday, July 10, 2010

Define: Who is a friend?

Well, we all of us have a long list of friends. In the long list, some of them become our good friends and a few of the the good friends are turn to be our best friends and they leave memories, which are to be cherished for a life long. No one becomes our best friend in a few days of time and it’s a gradual process.

If I am asked to define who a friend is? Probably I would go ahead with the very cliché definition that  is ‘Friend in need is friend indeed,’ though it does not specify who my friend is. Here I have one of such friends. This article is an attempt to hypothetically prove that how my friendship with Meenu started off and now Meenu is friend indeed.

It takes me back to the admission process in Madras Christian College (MCC) for the academic year 2009-2010. I used to come from Bangalore for my admission process. One day I was standing in front of the admission office, and then a beautiful girl came to me and asked me “Excuse me, where can I get the admission form for MA, communication? As I too had joined for the course, I was happy to direct her to. I told her, “You can collect it from the ground floor in the main entrance.” She thanked me and was about to leave, and then I told her “Better you get admitted soon for MA, Communication, because you can’t afford to loose a friend like me.” She gave me a smile and left. I too left the place soon.

I still don’t know what made me say that. It was a spontaneous comment from me. In the first week of July, 2009 our classes started  off. All the faces were new, except for Tollyns (we were together in Christ College). So the first hour was spent in introducing. After that hour, one girl came to me and asked me, “Do you remember me?” I thought for a while, trying to recollect her face but I could not. I stood there without telling her anything. She told me, “Don’t you remember, having told me that better I shall get admitted soon for MA, Communication, because I can’t afford to loose a friend like you.”

I was really wonder struck; in fact she is my classmate now. I do remember having said that comment, but not the face of the girl to whom I said it. I told her let us be good friends (I don’t know whether I really meant what I said). That was the humble beginning of my friendship with Meenu.

Now it has been one year of studying together in MCC and Meenu is turned to be one of my best friends.

Meenu is a friend par excellent, a friend who is ever ready to help. She is too loving and caring. She is so concerned about her friends and taking care of them very well. When I had so many issues she was patient enough to listen to me and guide me through. I should say that she is one of the coolest girls in my class, whom everyone in the class likes. I was lucky enough to work in her group for AVP projects. We had issues in our AVP group though not as much as other groups had, and it was she who bound the group together. There are things that she has done to me, which I myself had just thought in my mind.

Never has she accepted the very fact that she is a good friend to many. She just spreads her fragrance of goodness and friendship to people around her. She does the good deeds and go away unnoticed.

Therefore, let me conclude saying that “Meenu is a friend par excellent.” Instead of my claim of being a good friend to her, in fact she has become one of my best friends now. Hence, I should proclaim to Meenu, “I got admitted for MA, Communication because I could not afford to loose a friend like you, Meenu.”

(Meenu is none other than Meenakshi herself)


  1. Thank u so much Sanil :) U made my day.

  2. Sanil!!! That was one good entry.. Thanks a lot for that! :) What you say is very true.. :) She does not know what her qualities are, but she's very modest when we say her good qualities, and refuses to agree! :)

    Thanks again for highlighting the value of friendship thru this again! :D

  3. we get many friends in our life. but getting a good friend happens once in our life....