Sunday, April 24, 2011

Crusader of Justice

Here beacons the voice of hope which comes out of frustration due to the unending scams that the country has been witnessing under the regime of the II UPA government. It is the victory of the civil society and it teaches what it can contribute than just being passive spectators of all the sudden ups and downs.   

The independent India would not have witnessed any such mass movement, Anna Hazare was in the forefront backed by millions of Indians from all over the country, and thus it was the rising anger of all the citizens echoed through Hazare.
No one knew this Man, the crusader of change a few weeks ago. He was determined to do something against the caner of corruption and go for fast unto death. His campaign was widely acclaimed and people of all the walks of life gave him unconditional support. UPA government did not have any other go; within 98 hours of his fasting he could get the government under his feet.

Anna Hazare, is a man who falls in the tradition of Gandhi and his teachings and he is representing a particular ‘specious’ which almost faces its extinction. No one could ever think that what an old man of 72 years could do, that too something against the cancer of corruption. Only a man with such a disciple, authenticity, personality and will power can take up such a big mission and succeed in that.

He did not have a political aim nor backed by any political parties. He had only a single goal that to get the Lokpal bill pending for over 42 years passed and have control over corruption. He has not only forced the government to pass the bill but also got the representation of the civil society in drafting the bill. 

Anna Hazare is sending a message that anyone who is determined can bright about change and can bring down the government to our feet. Democracy is not just voting government into power whereas we as citizens of the country should be able to control the system if it deviates from the right path.

The bill has to travel a long way before it is actually getting realized and the question remains how much it can be helpful in our fight for corruption. The irony is that, it is going to be a bill against the corrupt Politicians, that too, it has to be passed by the corrupt politicians themselves. The question remains Will they axe the branch they sit on comfortably? Let us wait and see, no bill can completely annul the corruption. However, our fight for corruption would fetch its price if the Lokpal bill can control the corruption to an extent.   

(Photo Courtesy: Google Image)