Sunday, August 7, 2011

Mistakes are good

Perhaps it might sound absurd that how the mistakes could be good. Yes, mistakes are good and it is always by mistakes we learn everything in our life. Our learning is always centered on the trial and error method and without making mistakes perhaps we would not have learnt anything in our life at all. There is a saying “Mistakes are the stepping stones to learning”
Look back into our childhood days, when we learnt all the basic things for our life, all those learnings were always preceded with mistakes; for instances how we would have begun to utter supposedly the very first word ‘Mother’ and how we would have begun to walk on our own feet, it was by pronouncing the wrong way first and in the case of walking it was  falling down and getting up again. We cant get anything right at the very first attempt.

If we would have got everything right in our first attempt itself perhaps we would not have various inventions possible. We would have always been content with what we would have invented rather got from our first attempt itself. It is always one mistake paves way for other manifold ways of solving the issues and thus, we have all the sophisticated technologies at our finger tips now.

If Thomas Alva Edison would have dropped his plan of inventing the electric bulb when his first attempt was a flop, perhaps Edison would not have invented electric bulb for us. He did not loose his confidence and he kept on trying constantly for his goal and at the end he could invent the electric bulb. 
It does not mean that we should willfully make mistakes in order to complete the learning process. Mistakes always teach us how well we can accomplish the task. All the inventions that we are enjoying right now are developed through the trial and error method.

So, on the process of doing or achieving something if we see someone going wrong, let us not put him down with our sarcastic comments rather let us always support his intuitive mind and thirst for reaching at his goal.

If we are a failure in our first attempts to achieve something let us not loose our heart rather let us try persistently and finally we would reach in our goal because the world belongs to those people who can face failures in their life.    

Many a time our inhibition holds us back from performing something. We are always conscious about what people would think about us if we go wrong in what we are doing and we are scared of the fact that we will always be looked down by others.

It is by and through mistakes that each and every time we better our performance. We can’t afford to make mistakes in order to learn anything and everything rather we should also able to learn from the mistakes of others. Our life is too short for us to keep on making mistakes in order to learn anything.  

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