Saturday, March 5, 2011

A big catch

The ten years long hunt for an enemy is annulled today; it was one of the longest operations in the world history which involved so much of strategic planning, wealth, so many military weapons and personnel. It is not just a victory of United States of America but of all the countries which has been waging war against terrorism.

All the Americans are haunted with September 11 attack on the World Trade Centre. World Trade Centre was one of the prestigious buildings in US of which all the Americans were proud of, but when in 2001 the World Trade Centre was reduced to ashes, killing 3000 people of 60 nations, Americans also learned that they were also rather they also could be the victims of terrorism.

The extensive war on terrorism began there and Osama Bin Laden was the target of America as he was the master brain behind the September 11 attack. It took long 10 years for US to trace the hide out of Osama and thus May 2nd dawn had a happy news for the entire world and especially for Americans. Eradicating Osama from the planet of earth was a prestigious issue for US, though it was a little late at the end they succeeded.

Killing of Osama gives so much popularity for Obama, so it was a war between Obama who was loosing his political popularity and Osama who was on the peak of his terrorist activities and at the end justice thrives. The death of Osama happened in the time of Obama loosing his popularity and it has regained his public image. Americans thought Obama can be only a good orator and seldom his words come true but with Osama mission he has silenced the mouth of his critics that he not only preaches but also makes happening what he preaches and it would eventually pave way for a second tenure in White House for Obama.

Killing of Osama does not mean the end of terrorism, there is Al Qaeda having its strong presence in more than two dozen countries which has clear plan for each country; planned and executed by the leaders of the respective country. The very doctrine that is propagated by Al Qaeda is Jihad and pure Jihad. Osama, with his vast wealth, started and equipped Al Qaeda with a specific structure and all powerful most modern weapons, communication instruments which are in par with any well structured organization of the world.

With the death of Osama nothing comes to an end really, just era of Osama has come to an end. Only Osama is dead, the organization, Al Qaeda, he has found is very much active. Let us wait and see what Al Qaeda is going to do without Osama their charismatic leader.

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