Monday, February 28, 2011

Need to be logical even while lying

Even to lie and keep people believing in what is said, we need to be logical. We need to be logical even in lying. Lying is an art which has to be coupled with logical presentation of untrue facts and figures. The one who lies should have a good memory wherein he should remember what all things were told and to which all people.

Not everyone can make himself or herself a good liar, a good liar should have confident in whatever he is presenting, should have a good narrating skill and should have the seriousness on his face. The subject of lie should not be far away from reality and if the lie is all about the person himself, he should fit into the frame of lie and what is lied about should have some correlation with the person as well.

The reason why telling lies becomes a flop, is because many a time people can’t keep the track of things that iare told to different people and when they loose the links, the lies told are shaken and people would start to understand what is truth.

Anything can be established through logical and sequential presentations with right examples. If the lies are presented trough logical and sequential presentations with right examples anyone can get anything established as right.

We might have come across many people who just keep lying for anything and everything and a few of the lies fail to make the desired result and it culminates in utter flop. I don’t understand that what people are gaining just by lying; a momentary escape from dishonor, to safeguard their masked faces and to project themselves as someone great in front of others.

Lying is an art and it is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, everyone is skeptic and no one blindly believes anyone, so people who lie better abstain from doing so, because once a person is labeled as a liar his credibility for the rest of the life is gone.                   

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