Monday, February 7, 2011

Everything is subjective……….

At the end of the day everything remains personal, whether it is happiness or sadness, whether it is victory or loose, whether it is praise or humiliation, whether it is success or failure. We will have people around us during the day but as the darkness overpowers and when it brings night we are all alone and we are left alone. Each individual has to handle what life offers him or her by his own or her own.

If it is sad situation there is a limit to which one can be consoled, there is a point beyond which no one can cross over and there stop sharing and caring and there begins subjectivity. No one can enter into anyone’s personal zone and do something.

Though there is a saying “Happiness shared is doubled and sorry shared is melted down.” Whether it is happiness or sadness at the end of the day it is one’s own cup of tea and each one has to carry the burden.

Supposedly one is injured in an accident and how much ever we try to console and comfort the victim the pain and suffering are subjective and his subjective feeling no one else can share it with instead he himself has to suffer it.   

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