Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Collision of coalition government

Perhaps Coalition government is a very late happening in India, every since the independence of the country congress has been absolutely enjoying the power with great majority but with Rajeev Gandhi and Bofors sandal the single party power came to an end.
From late 90s Indian became familiar with the term coalition government. When a single party can’t have the magical figure of 275 to form its government it can form a coalition government with the help of other parties thus the nation shall not be pushed to another general election which would shake the economy of the country.

Untied Progressive Alliance (UPA) is in its two consecutive terms in power with its coalition allies. There are boons and curses because of coalition government. A coalition government never can enjoy the freedom and operate as a single party power. There would be so many bargaining for particular ministerial seats and as a party it can’t take a decision on its own and the coalition allies are to be wooed always.

Often the party has to close its eyes to the mistakes of its coalition allies, many a time the coalition allies become a big burden for the party. This is what happened to Congress party with its coalition ally DMK. Even after DMK minister Raja was found guilty in 2G spectrum and the loss of 1.76 lakh cores, congress did not act against Raja and Raja was the big burden for congress. Neither congress could avoid him nor support him. Raja the coalition ally brought about big shame to congress party.

Coalition allies can be turned to blessing as well, supposedly if it’s a single party in power with its absolute majority they can easily get passed any bill and make possible any amendments. If the government is a coalition government the coalition has to look into the common good and no petty needs of parties in the coalition would be fulfilled.
For congress UPA coalition government DMK is turned to be a blessing in disguise. Indeed, it was must to have the 20 seats of DMK to have the magical number to be in power but now the DMK is turned to be a big headache and with is the biggest shame for the congress party.    

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