Monday, February 14, 2011

Divided for power

Have we ever paused for a moment and thought that why we have so many divisions? The whole world is divided into different countries in the geographical level, countries into states, division based on languages, so many religions and so many denominations within a religion, end number of political parties and the list of division goes on and on.  Conveniently we say it is all for the smooth function of the society and the world at large.
Beyond the smooth function the divisions are many a time for political gains of certain people. Why we have end number of political parties in the country? Why can’t we have bi-party system like in US? Being united as a single large party, it can’t satisfy the hunger for power of the leaders so they divide party into small regional parties where a few become chiefs and enjoy power.

Christians preach that Jesus is the only Redeemer and salvation can be possible only through Him. Why then we have so many denominations in Catholic Church? Christianity itself is divided into so many churches. Did Jesus Himself bring about these many denominations? Church fathers’ hunger for power scattered church into so many denominations so that so many can enjoy power and rule over believers. The very first thing Jesus would be doing in his second coming would the abolishing the denominations in the church.
Under the pretention of common good the so called leaders make the divisions and the sub divisions and many a time it is to serve their own political gains and for being in power. When they go around satisfying their hunger for power they are always blind to common good and good of the society. 

A couple of months ago there were agitations and strike for the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh into Telangana as a separate state. Who is creating this need and why this kind of division? Again it is to serve the political gains and hunger for power for a few parties not because these political parties really wish that the Telangana region of the state should develop. 

Our so called leaders keep everything divided for their own gains and they act rather make people believe that whatever they do is for the common good.  

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