Saturday, February 19, 2011

Child labor promoted stealthily

The irony is that people who speak against child labor themselves stealthily promote it. Child labors are always cheap labor available, at the end of the day children work as much as grown up but with less payment.

The educational institutions which speak about child labor themselves have employed children to work in their campus. Many a time the educated people who speak against child labor employ children in their own house because children remain cheap labors.

Child labor is a perennial problem in the Indian society, a country where unemployment and poverty are rampant due to its ever growing population. People who live in the luxury can have seminar, talks and pr campaign on child labor and at the end child labor is not their burden.

If the ultimate aim of education is earning money; if earning money is possible without education; that too in an early stage of life which can keep the empty stomachs in the family filled, children going for work can’t be stopped. By sending them to school the children would not be studying rather family depended on them would be starving.

When we speak about the ban of child labor we should think about a complete solution, obviously basic education is must and every child should be sent to school but the family who depend on the children should be given financial support.     

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