Saturday, February 26, 2011

Co-existence with nature

After creating everything God saw that everything is good and beautiful and at the end He created human beings in His own image and likeness and sent them out and told them go and enjoy. To go and enjoy does not mean that we have the right to exploit nature.
Nature is our mother and we are not supposed to exploit our mother for our own survival. We alone are not her children; Mother Nature has to grow so many generations of children.
If we are asked who is the most poisonous animal in the world? We shall not think too much to find an answer; it is we human beings are. No other animal exploits nature as much as human being does. The equilibrium of the nature is disturbed because of the maximum exploitation.

Man is said to be the crown of creation that does not mean that he can exploit everything. He is the sophisticated killer; he kills nature in the name of development and industrialization and has put Mother Nature in this pitiful condition.

Already 40% of animal are in extinction and if this situation goes on the remaining 60% will also in extinction soon and the earth will not be a place to live on. Every year the temperature goes up and the ice melts down and that cause the rise of water level of the sea.

Global warming and climate change are the two most spoken words in last year and no good it could bring to the mother earth. So many generations are to come and live in the beautiful earth so we need to use resources fairly.

We are enjoying the nature because our predecessors used the resources sparingly, thus we are obliged to use the resources sparingly so that the coming generation also would be able enjoy nature and its resources.         

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