Saturday, February 5, 2011

Full of paradoxes

Our life is full of paradoxes. One’s need would be other’s burden and visa versa. The biggest paradox is the rich and poor people. The poor man walks on his foot to earn his daily bread whereas the rich would have his walks to burn his extra calories which got accumulated through his rich food and his walk is called as ‘Morning Walk’ as well as ‘Evening Walk.’

A driver would be driving a car on a daily wage basis where as a rich young man would be driving his car in 100 kmph to have thrill and fun. The rich man’s dog would be fed with variety of foods where as the poor man would be struggling to eat at least his one meal of the day.

When a poor man where his under cloth it is called under wear whereas when a rich man wears with a new style it becomes boxers.

Perhaps a single day’s pocket money of the rich man would be enough for a poor man’s whole month’s expenses. The things that are thrown out by the rich man become most important and useful things in poor man’s life.
This is the paradoxes of life and this is how the life is. Never these paradoxes would have an end in life, have not we heard the poor people saying perhaps as joke that “At least in the next generation let me be born as the dog of the rich man thus I can stomach full meals.” There kind satires shed light into the paradoxes of the society. 

Life is full of paradoxes and never these paradoxes would have an end nor are the gaps between the paradoxes can be reduced. 

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