Monday, February 21, 2011

An unexplained enigma

Every beginning has to have an end. Once we are born we have to die giving space for others to live and that is the law of nature, but how, when and where death embraces us, no one knows it.  The fact is that no one wants to die; everyone wants to just live on. I think this is why we can’t have any control of our death. If we were to decide the time of our death, all of us would keep our life duration maximum prolonged as possible.
No one would say I have enjoyed everything and I have accomplished whatever I wanted to, so it is time for me to die, surprisingly no one would do that. Death is the fact that everyone is scared of. That is why even we have a saying that “Death does not keep a calendar.” Even death can’t operate keeping a calendar of people’s accomplishments and failures so it is better for death to act without a calendar.
In one way it is nice that death remains an enigma. If we were to know the date and time of our death that would be the most deadly thing on earth; each and every day and hour we would be counting down our days and hours left out for us to be on the planet of earth. This kind of tension would stop us performing from basic duties towards society and fellow human beings.

How can we define what death is? Death is a complicated implication of unexplained enigma. This is an ultimate question that everyone tries to answer but what is at the end and what is after death. Is there a life after death? Is death just an end of the biological functioning of the entire mechanism of the body? Death has any metaphysical answers to unravel? 
Different religions give different answers to that, according to Hinduism if one has failed to do his duties he needs to be reborn to finish his Karma so that he would attain Moksha, the ultimate liberation. Christianity believes there is a life after death, on account of our good and bad deeds either we will be sent to heaven or hell.

It is always nice for the death to remain as an enigma otherwise it would bother us always, see now we hardly think about death nor it comes even in our wildest thought. Death, now we don’t have any time to spare for you, come to us very late.   

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