Thursday, February 24, 2011

Green signal for JPC

Finally, UPA government succumbs to opposition’s demand for Joint Parliamentary Committee. United Progressive Alliance (UPA) did not have any other go other than agreeing to the demand of the opposition parties. Government tried its maximum to avoid Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) probe in 2G spectrum.

Government can’t afford to take another risk now, winter session of the parliament was completely washed off with the opposition’s demand for JPC and government is so keen so that those kinds of episodes shall not be reenacted when the Parliament gathers for its budget session, which is the most important session.

Willfully government did not agree for JPC probe for 2G spectrum, government can’t spoil the party at the budget session. Opposition can be happy about government’s green signal for JPC probe because it is the success of opposition’s undying effort.

Now the question is that how many members should be there in JPC and which all party should get representation in it? The number of official parties in Parliament is 37; however, there can’t be 37 members in JPC.

Now the question is that, there was so much demand of JPC probe from opposition and what purpose it is going to serve. Will it serve its purpose? Or the opposition parties just wanted a JPC probe for the sake of it because they did not want to go back from their demand? However, opposition can be happy about one thing that they could make government obey for what they demanded.      

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