Thursday, February 10, 2011

Time is the best healer

There is nothing that time can’t heal thus time is the best healer. Time teaches us to forget and forgive and go beyond the damage that has happened to us. It is said that out of sight and out of mind. Time takes us for a journey from the space where the bitter incidents took place and leave us in a new space of happiness.
It is because of the time and passing of the time we are able to come out of the most difficult days in our life and being able to lead a happy life once again.

When we have difficult days ahead we would be thinking we can’t handle it anymore, we can’t carry it further and we would be thinking to annul everything but the days of hope and happiness are not far away.

What we need to do is that give time its space to work and thus we are assured with great miracles. Many a time what we feel is that we can’t come out of our bad time and it is the end of everything but still there remains hope and time to have wonders happening.

We all are travelling in a vehicle called time, time the vehicle won’t leave us anywhere and go, and definitely it would take us to some beautiful avenues. Give time its space to work; we shall not be in a hurry for fortunes to happen, however, in fullness of time everything would happen.    

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  1. time is a therapy which can be remove the any injury come at life