Saturday, February 12, 2011

Winds of change……..

20 days-long agitation fetches its price and the clouds of dictatorship faded away and winds of change bring new ray of hope in the minds of Egyptians.  The end of 30-year dictatorship of President Hosni Mubarak is the victory of the people of Egypt. It was an unprecedented show of people’s power at Tahrir square in Cairo.  It was a national wide strike against Hosni Mubarak regime and it remains the biggest demonstration of people’s power.
‘Unity is strength’ that is the message the Egyptians sending across to the world. Imbibing lessons from Tunisia, Egyptians were determined to try their luck and it resulted in great success putting an end to 30-year dictatorship.

Two million people from all the walks of life gathered at Tahrir Square in Cairo with a single goal in mind to annul Mubarak regime. Irrespective of religion both Muslims and Christians actively participated in the demonstration and it was said that when Fridays Muslims went for their prayers it was Christians who took charge and Muslims when Christians went to church on Sundays.

Hosni Mubarak tried different ways out to cling to power such as he would transfer the power towards the end of September, appointed Omar Sulaiman as vice-president and made his son Gamal to address people but Egyptians were not ready for any other option other than annul the 30-year dictatorship.

Handing over the power to Egyptian army, Hosni Mubarak is gone exile. This change of power leaves some kind of anxieties; such as how long the army would rule over and at the end of the day whether the powerful would rest in the hands of the people themselves or it would force another dictatorship???  

Now the winds of change are blowing in Algeria, Yemen, Jordan, Iran and Sudan. Inspired by the results in Tunisia and Egypt people in these countries are standing up for change in power, let us wait and see what results all the countries would come up with………..

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