Thursday, February 3, 2011

Can poor marks spell success?

Is the education all about having colourful marks in the mark sheet? Can poor marks spell success? The education system is reduced to the process of by hearting something and reproducing it on the paper during exam which eventually culminates in scoring good marks. Many a time real learning is far away and most of the time it does not happen at all.
Now the question is that whether the academic success is solely on scoring marks without being grasped anything? Marks scored alone can’t be the criteria to evaluate the capability of an individual. There are individuals who can grasp things but may not be able to express on the sheet of paper during the exams.

Many a time people get less percentage in their educational graph because, while getting educated young minds didn’t know the importance of marks being scored and perhaps there were not people to guide and motivate them through the right path.

I don’t deny that high percentage does not matter, high percentage matters but that is not everything. 

It is always said that “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% is perspiration.” Through our hard work always we can develop our inborn talents and poor marks scored will not be an obstacle in reaching our goals.

Academic assessing system does not matter at all. Academic laggards may not fail in their life though they have failed to score marks in the exams. There is always a promising career and success beyond poor marks provided there they all are hard working.   

There are companies which always look for 60% cut off mainly in 3 educational cross roads such as 10th, 12th and UG and what they are looking for is consistency in all these three. No company just takes candidates based on their academic performance alone; they do conduct their own tests prior to the selection.

They do keep this kind of cut off mandatory to block the number of candidates walk in for interview so that they can make the selection from qualified people. However, there might be well qualified candidates among the poor marks grade as well. Now the question is that how their poor marks would spell success…..        

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