Monday, February 15, 2016

Family: - Truly a Heaven on earth

Family is the supreme abode of all the virtues, perhaps love and mercy are the two virtues that decorate all other virtues and make the house the best place to live in. Love and mercy can be said as the two sides of one coin, which is complimenting each other and without the other one can’t exist. At home, mother is the epitome of love and mercy, out of her fragrance of love and mercy; the virtues are getting spread in the family. The inculcation of all these virtues and values are happening from the family in the early childhood of a person, and make a person, human being with sympathy and empathy. 

As the modern world is highly driven by pragmatic and utilitarian philosophies, the basic values and virtues are at stake. The world witnesses a great amount of value decline and the challenge poised is the restoration of these basic values to the hearts and mind that is deprived of. At this very juncture, Pope Francis declares extraordinary Holy Year of Mercy, offering Catholics the splendid opportunity to reflect more deeply and closely on the Lord’s loving mercy. It is call for the Catholics to be merciful as it reads in Luke 6:36, "Be merciful just as your Father is merciful." Thus, the Church has been celebrating an extraordinary jubilee Holy Year of Mercy, from December 8, 2015, the feast of the Immaculate Conception, until November 20, 2016, the feast of Christ the King.

During the Holy Year of Mercy, let us make our families an abode of mercy; rather restore the mercy after the sublime example of Jesus Christ and the Heavenly Father. Imbibing the great virtue of mercy and love, let us be moved with mercy and be compassionate to our brethren. Thus, our families shall be after the example The Holy Family of Nazareth, Jesus, Mary and Joseph.  

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