Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Solar - Saritha episodes – a chronicle believed to be have a plot and written in a context

It is said that nothing happens in a vacuum, in order to occur something there should be clear framework in a given time and space. Though my political inclination has been for the ruling United Democratic Alliance (UDF), in the wake of series of Solar – Saritha episodes, I, being a common man of the state, am forced to believe that the whole solar scam centered on Saritha S. Nair is a chronicle that is believed to be have a clear plot and written in the political context of the state.
The credibility of the woman, Saritha S. Nair, would be at stake always, however, that does not mean that the truth told by her about the whole solar scam engulfed Oomman Chandy Ministry is forged story got written by the opposition party for their political gains. The way Saritha has been narrating the whole solar episodes in sequential order seldom sounded a fabricated story. Rather it sounded like a story with a vivid beginning, development and a climax, surprisingly Saritha remembering all the faces of the people involved in the scam, with their names and designation, the day, date and the place they met, the point of discussion and above all, the amount of cash offered by Saritha. 
The each confession made Saritha in front of Solar Commission is strongly supported by factual evidences in terms of documents and audio-visual evidence, which could not be denied by Chief Minister and other ministers in his cabinet with confidence. What should be noted that whenever Saritha speaks to media, she is very clear, focused, and realistic and she never stammers, which indicated that what she speaks is close to reality. I think the UDF government is disagreeing to agree whatever Saritha tells about their party men. If the accusation made by Saritha is defamatory, why does not the government move a defamatory case against Saritha? 

Any person, who closely follows Kerala politics, will definitely be forced to believe that there is some amount of truth in the whole solar – Saritha story, though there are various kinds of interpretations, exaggerations and hype generated by the media to sensitize the whole news. If the story were baseless, the whole fabricated tale would not have perished long back. Whatever might be the motive, I don’t think any woman would go public and speak out to the media that she has been sexually exploited by these many numbers of men. 

Having been a strong congress supporter, I hate the party to the core now. As the state will be going to the polling booth in two months of time, for sure, I, as committed citizen of the land, will think twice before casting my vote for the ruling UDF led government. As, in every alternative term, LDF and UDF rules the state; now it is turn of LDF and let them rule the state for the other five-year term. Whichever party rules the states, the plight of the common man remains the same and we call it the great DEOMOCRATIC SYSTEM.  


  1. Perfectly written. Saritha has managed her case well. She named Chandy, then blamed Chandy's son. Now I'm guessing Kerala will vote them out.
    Although, I'd like to point out that even though all Congress Ministers seem to be facing corruption charges, Oomman Chandy has brought in better schemes than previous chief ministers. We never know if the other parties could have done better if they were elected.
    Let's wait n watch. Chandy must prove himself to be a better CM if he wants to keep his post.
    Maybe help with roadworks n bus/train connectivity in the State.