Monday, June 27, 2016

Get him married to a girl to be responsible

When a man, in his youth, becomes prodigal and irresponsible, living a life totally against the wish of his parents and societal commitments, as a last remedy, the parents from Indian conservative society will decide to get him married to a girl. The parents believe that once a girl comes to his life, he will become moral, modest and responsible. The girl is believed to play vital and inspiring roles in his life, giving an option either to perish completely or to come back to life as a responsible person, learning his lessons in the hard ways.
In the ambit of our Indian culture, I think Rahul Gandhi - the Vice-President of the Indian National Congress party, who is criticized for not taking up any serious roles or responsibilities in the Grand Old Congress party, should get married to a girl to be responsible. Rahul Gandhi has been portrayed as a candidate of Congress Party for the top job of the country, Prime Minister. Moreover, Rahul's leadership has come under fire after the party's many electoral defeats, lately in Kerala and Assam assembly elections.

India's grand old party has been pondering to coronate Rahul Gandhi as the president of the Congress, but the question is whether the new post would make him responsible enough. Speculations around the elevation of the Congress vice-president have been doing the rounds for quite some time. However, not everyone with the party is pleased about the takeover by the Gandhi, and as a result most of the top guards are leaving the party.  

Even at the age of 46, Rahul Gandhi is said to be the most eligible bachelor in India. Before getting him coronated as the president of the Congress party, his mother, Ms. Sonia Gandhi, should get him married to a girl, so that he shall learn his lessons for his life, which would make him a modest, responsible and committed congress man. He is on yet another sabbatical just after his birthday on June 19, 2016, spreading the rumors that he has a 'special friend' abroad. Even if he has fallen in love with a lady in a foreign country, it need not to be a surprise because his father had also fallen in love. In 2015, from February 16 to April 16 – Rahul Gandhi went missing for 60 days. If he had a wife, he would not have dared to go missing.
Gandhi family’s dynastic politics in Grand Old Congress party will find its extinction soon if there is no offspring born of Rahul Gandhi. As Rahul Gandhi was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, he does not know the grass root level of politics; he was just a leader born, not made himself a leader. As long as congress party does not coronate someone from outside dynastic politics, or Rahul Gandhi does not become responsible and committed, proactively taking up decisive roles in congress party, India will become a completely congress mukt bharat, with each passing assembly election.  
Lamentation of a congress supporter

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  1. People should not be worried much about Rahul or No-Rahul. Congress is worth only if it is Dynasty-mukth congress.

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