Thursday, August 18, 2016

“Great preachers are not great doers”

Absolutely, there is no skepticism that the current Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, is one of the greatest preachers that the Independent India has ever seen. Bharathiya Janatha Party has been greatly indebted to Narendra Modi’s rhetoric skills for its great victory in 2014 general election. After Indira Gandhi, Narendra Modi was the only prime minister who gave a marathon speech, which lasted for 65 minutes, without the aid of a paper or teleprompter, on Independence Day at the Red Fort in 2014, which was his first independence speech as the Prime Minister of India. 
Going by the records, Modi’s Independence Day speech from the ramparts of Red Fort on August 15, 2016 was the longest ever Independence Day address by an Indian Prime Minister in the last 15 years, lasting for 94 minutes. Modi, with his charisma, rhetoric skills; eye contact, voice modulation, gestures and body language, can just go on and influence his audience and win over their hearts when he preaches in Hindi and Gujarati, not in English though. He is very fluent and confident in his Hindi and Gujarati speeches even though he lacks fluency and confidence when he delivers a speech in English.

Perhaps, Modi was not there in the picture for prime ministerialship when India was going for general election in 2014. During the political campaign before the last election, Modi, with his awe-inspiring speeches backed with political promises, had been portrayed as a wind of change. His political campaign ‘Ache Din Aanevala Hei’ strongly backed with public relation strategies, portrayed him as a New Leader of the country. Hence, Modi's eloquent speeches are quite lengthy in comparison.

BJP lacks another charismatic preacher like Modi, so the Prime Minister himself is the face of the party, though the party has its president, Amith Shah. Modi has been busy travelling across India, preaching 4in all assembly election campaigns and party meetings to strengthen the party, converting it to more electoral votes.  Like any other Prime Minister, of course Modi also belongs to a political party, which elected him as the Prime Minister, but he ought to go beyond the party because he is the Prime Minister of all.     

It has been over two years, since Modi government is in power. There is a saying that “Great preachers are not great doers”. 

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