Thursday, March 22, 2012

Being celibate is unnatural

The priesthood that is there in Catholic Church is unnatural; it is unnatural because it is against the basic nature’s law and human instincts. Human being is more of animal though he is bestowed with his intellect and reasoning power. As a human being everyone is bound to have all kinds of emotions and so as priests. If priests say that they are devoid of all human emotions they are not normal human beings then.

The basic instinct of a man is to fuck and for a woman
to get fucked. Jesus did not create a separate flock of priests so priests are very well human beings with all kinds of emotions, vulnerabilities and fragilities. They are neither devoid of emotions nor infallible.

As society got shaped and human civilization grew up it was the need of the society to have different hierarchy and governing bodies so as the religion and its hierarchy. Thus, a special kind of group was formed from the larger society and it is so natural to have all elements of the larger society within the small (religious) group.     

The genealogy of priesthood can be traced from the first 12 apostles of Jesus and apparently all of them were married men. I don’t think being a celibate was the prerequisite to be priest if that were the case Jesus would have very well selected celibate not those married fishermen. Then, when did the celibacy creep into the institution of priesthood?

St. Paul the apostle in his letter says that it is better to remain chaste for a man and if a man can’t control his sexual urges it is better that he would marry a woman. Jesus told his disciples if you wish to follow me, you need to deny your parents, wife and children then follow me. He did tell them that you needed to be unmarried men to be my followers. I think Jesus knew very well human emotions and his fragilities.  

If the Catholic Church gives an option for priests to marry how many of our priests would remain unmarried so the priests in the Catholic Church are forced to be celibate for their undivided love for the church and believers. The moment the priests have family, they would lose their focus and their love for the church would get divided.  

It is the different stages of fulfilling human needs and wants and once basic needs are being satisfied one has to automatically rather forced to move upwardly satisfying each need and want. No one can remain stagnant after the fulfillment of each need and want. Even Maslow also speaks about the same in his hierarchy of needs.    

The very instinct of a man is to procreate his offspring and when it is denied he would try other outlets to satisfy his needs. The greatest urge in human being is the urge for sexual pleasure. When we are hungry we need to eat in order to quench our hunger and no other action can quench our hunger. When we are denied of something the urge for that thing would be all the more stronger. The priests who are deprived of the sexual pleasures will have the strongest urge for that. The priests would be all the more frustrated until they satisfy their sexual urges. Thought it is said that they can divert the sexual urges into something creative and productive initiatives for the society but how far and how long they are able to divert and convert it to constructive initiatives.  

If we can get the statistics of priests indulging in sexual activities and eloping with nuns we will be really horrified by that. All these statistics are never known to the external world and this is enclosed in the four walls of the church. We know what is happening in the Western Church, the priests abusing the children and getting into the activities that can satisfy their sexual urges. The western church is spending its major portion of money in paying fine for the priests who abuse children and get into other sex related scandals.

If priests are found guilty in the most controversial Sis Abhaya case, I as a Christian would be surprised at all, till date the case has not come to light because of the influence of the church and the church never wants the truth to come to light and if everyone comes to know the truth the pseudo credibility of the church among its believers would be badly shaken.      

The modern world is so tempting with its whims and fancies and it is very difficult for the priest to cope with the currents. As priesthood is more of profession now, it is very difficult to find priests with dedication and who are zealous. When priests live a comfortable and luxurious life what the modern world can offer, it is quite tempting for them to enjoy all the pleasures.

In order to safeguard the institution of priesthood from further damages, I think the priests in Catholic Church should be given an option to marry like in other denominations within the Church and this would solve the decreasing number of people opting to be priest to an extent. Many of the youngsters in Catholic Church don’t opt to be priest because priest can’t marry like in other denominations within the larger church.   

However, there are priests who have never tasted the pleasures that the sex can offer and these authentic, dedicated and zealous priests keep the whole priests hood intact and thus people have still faith in priests. 


  1. This is a very simplistic view of sexuality. Sexuality is more than just "The basic instinct of a man is to fuck and for a woman to get fucked."

    You completely ignore homosexuality, and for the gamut of sexuality to encompass everything from some people wanting sex all the time to others who don't want it at all.

    For some people, celibacy is natural; indeed, for some people, asexuality is natural -- they feel no desire to engage in sexual intercourse.

  2. Wonderfully narrated "one sided coin". Congrats for your brain.
    Many words have two antonyms- one is in horizontal and the other is in vertical dimension. "NATURAL" is such a word having two antonyms: UNNATURAL & SUPERNATURAL.