Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Is it Achuthanandan or politicians or media more culpable??????

V. S. Achuthanandan, the opposition leader, addressing Sindu Joy ‘abhisarika’ has given a spark for yet another big political turmoil and war of words between ruling UDF and opposition party LDF in Kerala. Here I am not supportive of anyone nor examine Achuthanandan’s statement and make a judgment about it. But all  I have to tell you is that If Achuthanandan called Sindu Joy ‘abhisarika’ (courtesan) once, politicians, media and all of us took over it and repeating it over thousand times.

I don’t think anyone is really worried or sad here in Sindu Joy being addressed as ‘abhisarika’ except for Sindu Joy herself. But the politicians are using the controversial statement allegedly said by Achuthanadan for their political mileage and especially using as a political weapon in the wake of the by-election. All of us know Achuthanadan and always he goes hyper in his speech and ends up making some controversial statements and I don’t think he does it all willfully. That is why all his speeches are being drafted well in advance and he is not allowed to make any spontaneous speech because the party knows he is vulnerable to controversial statements.

A man who is in his late 80s with the little education would not have a refined language always and there are times when he falls short with right words. Even if he really meant by what he called her, if media would not have taken over it, his statement would have died off there itself and would have been confined to those small crowd of people who was listening to his speech.

But media the so called moral police of the society took over it for their news converge and spread the news to everyone.  It just got spread just like forest gets ablaze.  Achuthanandan called Sindu Joy ‘abhisarika’ (courtesan) once and perhaps he forgot it but politicians, media and all of us took over it and calling Sindu Joy an ‘abhisarika’ subliminally over thousand times. Now who is more culpable here? Is it the Achuthanandan who called Sindu Joy ‘abhisarika’ once and forgot it or politicians, media and all of us who took over it and still carrying the tag and calling Sindu Joy ‘abhisarika’?

Well, it would be nice of Achuthanandan if he can make an apology for what has happened. Anyone can go wrong and it would be nice to make apology for the mistake. Whether Achuthanandan did it willfully does not matter here because no one can know his motive behind in calling so. If Achuthanandan is really a gentleman and did not really mean what he called her,  the least he can do is that by apologizing for his controversial statement he can stop politicians, media and all of us taking over his controversial statement and repeating it over thousand times.

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