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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Our eyes have seen the best

Our eyes have seen the best that the cricket world can offer us. Indeed, we are very fortunate to live in the same era where Sachin Tendulkar the icon of Cricket is living, we have seen him playing live in the field, applauded for his sixes and classical knocks, and stood up in ovation whenever he made a century.  He is with us in flesh and blood and in future we will be very happy to cherish those memories of this great icon of cricket the world has ever seen.

Sachin the wine is getting better and better as it is getting older and older. His cricket career is still going on even after the 22 years of legendary journey so many records being named after his name. Yes, the century of centuries a dream that comes true only for Sachin. Perhaps this is the sum total of all his records and the finest gift of all the gifts that he has been gifting us with.

The pressure was tremendous as every one was so desperate for his century of centuries. It has been a year the whole cricket world waiting for Sachin to cross the milestone.

If cricket is a religion Sachin is God. Sachin means a lot as far as the world cricket is concerned. Many a time people get crowded because the master blaster is playing, they get to see Sachin right in front of them and see his live actions. The fans always want him to deliver; any crowd would go disappointed if he does not deliver.

When he is on the zenith of all records yet he remains a gentleman who never boasts for anything. Though cricket is known as gentleman’s game we don’t get to see so many gentlemen. I think for Sachin it is  Niskama karma, do your duty rest everything would fall in line with.  

Still there are lots of cricket left in him. I don’t think the World Cricket would see such a maestro again; who has climbed the zenith of success and glory yet remains so simple and humble. 

Let us all tell our future generation with great pride that we lived in an era where Sachin Tendulkar the icon of Cricket lived, we have seen him playing live in the field and we have applauded for his sixes and classical knocks. He was with us in flesh and blood and we are very happy and fortunate to cherish those nice memories and share it with you.

We salute you Sachin with great pride for what you have been to cricket and in particular to our country. You made India proud and its all citizens. 

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