Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Allegedly, all decisions are right when taken

Deliberately, no one would axe his or her own life taking any bad decisions. Supposedly all the decisions are right at the moment they are taken, but course of time we would gradually start getting puzzled out whether the taken decisions were right or wrong with their practical implications and responses the taken decisions have brought in our life. We presume that all the decisions we have taken in our life, whether big or small, are precise.

While taking a decision, when we look forward, and apparently there would not be any visible dots (futuristic life events) that could well be connected to, whereas after having moved ahead in life when we look back the dots (mile stones in life) would be obviously visible and we would be able to connect the dots well and make a declaration that, that was one of the best decisions that I have ever taken in my life thus my life is so vibrant now or that was such a bad decision that I had taken in my life and still struggle in my life.  

Our life is always centered on the decisions that we taken in our life no matter whether they are big or small. Therefore, so much of thinking, time and intellectual efforts go into our decision process before we finally arrive at our decisions. I do not think anyone would take a bad decision deliberately and invite bad omen in their life. Even a decision taken by someone dogged to end his or her life could be a right decision as far as his/her present conditions are concerned.  In this regard, no priori and posteriori experiences are possible. No looking forward and no looking back are possible to find the veracity of the decision in the case of a person committed suicide.  

Looking forward, life would appear as a Tabula Rasa, blank slate, there is nothing really visible and we all work on speculations. Before we take a particular decision we see what the benefits that would eventually fall are.  Having spent adequate time in our decision process and having sought expert guidance we might feel that we can’t go wrong in our decision but time would prove that whether the taken the decision was right or wrong in its due course.

The decision that is taken remains in a particular time and space and its outcome being poured out in different time and space. So the decision taken and its outcome remain two different times and spaces. Often we have seen the result of a full fledged market research and policy decision taken were being proved wrong in a course of time. Neither the decision nor its consequence is time bound, depending on the gravity of the decision its consequence would not be over in a period of time whereas it would be enduring.

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