Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Who are the ultimate encroachers of this land?

When we coin the headline, we put it as ‘Animals intrude human territory and devastate cultivation,’ but if animals were to coin the headline for the same news, how it would have been? Perhaps it would be ‘Humans attack animals when they entered into their land’ or so.   

Recently, we get to see or read that wild animals encroaching human habitat but in reality who have made the encroachments, not animals it is we the human beings who have encroached wild animals’ habitats and left them with little land (forest) for their survival. Even the existing forest is made an unpleasant place for the wild animals to survive, in search for food and water they started to cross the ‘boarder’ (the imaginary boarder that we have made between animals and human beings).

The irony is that we human beings can cross the boarder any extent, and bring out the resources from the forest but we do not expect the wild animals to cross the boarder and take away our resources for their very existence. The whole earth belongs to both parties; human beings and animals equally but human beings intellectually superior started dominating over all other animals.

As human being evolved as a civilized society with their own customs, rules and regulations unlike the animals, they were in the constant urge to spread out to different geographical area failing to find enough space for its population explosion. This has resulted in the encroachment of large chunk of vegetation which has affected the very eco system. Most of the wild animals were pushed to the verge of extinction. Everything was torn ascender and there left little hope of survival for wild animals.

Supposedly, if animals were equally superior like that of human beings and established they would have fought against the encroachments that we have made. Perhaps they could have been constant boarder and line of control issues like India is having with Pakistan and China, its neighbouring countries. Humans and intellectually superior animals would have been constantly waging war against each other on geographical boarder issues.

Survival of the fittest is what we get to see in the constant animal-human disputes. We plunder all the resources from the forest not just for our survival but for our comfort and luxuries, whereas the wild animals come to our habitat for their survival as the forest is left with no resources for their survival.   


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