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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Does mega serial elicit behavioral changes in serial artists?

Eventually, we would end up being what we have been exposed to. Unlike movie shooting, mega serial shooting is very prolonged and the artists have to be in the shoes of the particular cast that they have been giving life on screen throughout. A movie shooting could be done within a month or a couple of months and the stars who finish their roles in one movie embrace another character in the next. So there is no question of being in a particular character for a long-drawn-out time period and therefore, the old character is soon forgotten and paves way for the new one.

Even the mere proximity of a person could influence our behavioral patterns and thus elicit behavioral changes within us. So how much ever more it would influence the behavioral patterns of the serial artists who are being in the shoes of a character for a long period of time?

So the movie stars are no longer in the hangover of the character that they have cast whereas the mega serials that long for 3 to 5 year span oblige the serial artists to be in the same character for over the years. Of course, we all are actors in our life and certain number of our behavioral patterns is the offshoot of our acting. People who have taken up a career as acting might end up having multi-personality and eventually behavioral changes.  

More often than not, they act more time in life than living their real life and the role and the character they perform elicit behavioral patterns in the long run which no serial artists could in fact get rid off. In order to recreate a character an actor has to absorb so many qualities, mannerisms, personality of the character thus to resemble the character very well on the screen and the absorbed qualities, mannerisms, personality are going to stay with the artists even after the shooting. The behavioral changes that take place in the serial artists may not be always apparent but it could be in a very subtle way.

Life is always dynamic and learning never ends in life and it is always difficult to get away with the learning that has conditioned the serial artists over a long period of time and it has elicited behavioral changes even without their prior knowledge. Having given life for the character, some of the qualities, mannerisms, personality of the particular character are going to stay with the artists though they do not wish to. Not, all our manners are strictly controlled by us and not we behave as we always wanted. There are stimulus response and manners that are not directly controlled by our brain.

We have heard move stars saying in the interviews that even after the shooting of the movie was over, the stars found it difficult to get away with the absorbed qualities, mannerisms, personality of the character. After having acted different roles like effeminate in Chanthupottu and a women’s character in Maya Mohini by Dileep, even after the shooting star Dileep continued to be in the absorbed qualities, mannerisms, personality of the character.  

If it were the case with Dileep having acted in a movie which shooting perhaps lasted for 3 to 4 months what would be the condition of the serial artists who do a character over 5 years? Definitely, the particular role the serial artists have been doing has elicited behavioral changes even without the prior knowledge of the actor himself/herself.

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